In some ways, you’ve got to enjoy the insanity,” he says, adding, “And I do remove myself as much as possible. If I’m not working, I really have nothing to do with it — I’m not hanging out and mixing with film people. Not that I have anything against film people, they’re some of the best people around and some of the worst people around, just like in any business … they just gesticulate a little bit more.”- Christian Bale (x)


Nick Cave for Variety shot at Sundance Film Festival 2014. 

I have not been legitimately afraid to photograph many people in my life. Maybe nobody before Nick Cave actually. When I saw him stride into Variety’s studio looking exactly like you would expect (black suite, chest showing, shiny shoes, greasy hair), I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. As he sat down in my chair and I leaned in really close for the shot on the left, I wondered if he was going to choke me or if I would just suddenly burst into flames if I looked into his eyes too long. Thankfully he didn’t and I live to photograph another day.