Today was absolutely SPECTACULAR.

Granted, my ability to laugh at myself came in handy through some insanely fun yet embarrassing ordeals… Like getting asked to go on stage with mark/mark, or misha and Jim’s sassy attitude reflecting my q back at me… Putting me on the spot in front of everyone… But let’s be real: these people are fabulous. The panels were a riot, and I livetweeted as much as I could (@emilie_kjm) which hopefully helped! :)

I just wrote a super long-ass personal summary that I’ll put on my blog tomorrow as a separate page so as not to clog the vancon tag.

Misha was everything and more. And he remembered me. Our time between the panel/op was incredible. Bless him. More info tomorrow once I bring my laptop to get free wifi :)

Riding on a high cloud. Life is good.