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Susanoo (須佐之男 (スサノオ), romanized as Susano-o, Susa-no-O, Susano'o, and Susanowo), also known as Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto (建速須佐之男命) and Kumano Ketsumiko no kami at Kumano shrine, is the Shinto god of the sea and storms. He is also considered to be ruler of Neno-Katasu-Kuni (now Yasugi, Shimane-ken). He is married to Kushinadahime.

Uruha’s Blog ー Thank You 

Thanks to all of you I was able to celebrate another birthday.
Everyone, thank you so much for your kind messages!
This year the timing was kinda perfect, too, since we also had the radio post today. When we were recording, everyone congratulated me and I got this cake so I just wanted to upload it.
It’s been only a little more than a month since our additional tour, but I’m already stricken with this crazy feeling of wanting to do a LIVE…which is why I can’t wait for the FujiQ Conifer LIVE! It’s the first time in 9 years so you guys keep praying that it won’t rain and look forward to it. 


Radio Gazette December 16 2016, courtesy of @wack-translations

Reita: Yeah, you’re right, that’s why they say people who work out are even more annoying than smokers.
Uruha: Yup.
(Reita laughing very hard)
Uruha: You will all see just how annoying they are when our world tour documentary comes out. We have some very detailed footage of that.
Reita: They should have cut out more!
Uruha: We already cut out quite a bit…

From World Tour 16 Documentary Dogmatic Trois.

First dates with gaze
  • Kai: takes you out to a beautiful candlelit dinner, can't take his eyes off you, reaches over to hold your hand and caress your face, when the bill comes "so the total is $107.95...I would say split 50/50 but I didn't get an appetizer and I really didn't drink that much so
  • Ruki: says he's taking you shopping, means he's going shopping and you're just there to hold all the bags
  • Reita: takes you out for a long drive in the country, listens to you talk about life, has his hand on your thigh the whole time, leads you out to slow dance under the stars while four officers search his vehicle for drug paraphernalia
  • Uruha: takes you to see an iMax documentary about the Cold War, refuses to wear the 3D glasses provided because he wants to experience it "like they did, without modern technology"
  • Aoi: takes you to an isolated meadow full of beautiful wild flowers, prepares a homemade picnic, serenades u with his guitar and voice, gets stung by a bee, cries