Five years ago, I made the UPLB Main Library my home while I was reviewing for the Agricultural Board Exams. Though I never quite saw the fruit of all my time spent there, having been found ineligible to take the exams because of citizenship issues, I still testify to the place’s conduciveness. This is saying something; back then, the air-conditioning was terrible. Early last month, for the final big written exam of my graduate school life, I decided to go back there, to spend a long string of weekdays entrenched in the quiet, to bathe in the faint smell of wood and old books, to study. I was trying to get more familiar with a foreign language and how nice it was to be doing it in a familiar place, at home. And how glorious is it all now that I just received information that it was all worth those dizzying hours, when verb conjugations crippled my feeble brain and I cursed my cramming tendencies.

Behind every victory, whether great or small, is a group of loving people. I have to thank so many and I know exactly where to start. A special thank you to Pipay, who has pioneered the ‪#‎GraduateFromMAMovement‬, who has linked me most, if not all, of my review materials. My parents and Dylan for supporting me every step of the way, tú eres mi piedra. To Prof. Ebreo of DEL, for being a fantastic Spanish teacher, él es muy guapo. To my grad school friends in Diliman, for boosting my confidence, being patient in my questions, and joining in on rants about the place and rationale of LPE in MA Creative Writing.

Por supuesto, esta pequeña victoria se dedica a Tiago y el Dios en él.