*all found on various korean bbc blogs

1. zico had an argument with the person doing his makeup about the length of his eyeliner

2. ukwon and zico use lioele gel eyeliner

3. a bbc asked jaehyo to give her a hug if she gets the highest grades in her school and he said okay. she then got first in her school so jaehyo hugged her really tight

4. zico was sitting in the front seat of block b’s van so his fans outside shouted “kyaaak zico-yah come out!! come out!!” but instead kyung came out so they got angry and shouted “park kyung your face is so long”. apparently kyung just smiled and waved before getting back into the car

5. taeil used to be part of a tropical fish club and motorbike club

6. taeil was pissed off for 2 weeks because zico put toothpaste in his fish bowl. apparently he threw a fit after seeing the toothpaste floating in the water.

7. taeil sometimes uploads pictures of his feet but no one knows why

8. zico and kyung were friends since elementary school. zico says he was quite popular whilst park kyung was a loser that only studied

9. the person in charge of porn in block b is jaehyo

10. in the waiting room of the nanlina comeback stage, apparently kyung and zico had a huge fight about something and so zico just went out and slammed the door shut behind him. all the other members and staff stayed quiet and continued preparing for the stage whilst kyung followed zico outside. then around 15 minutes later they came back inside together laughing, because apparently kyung had tried to calm zico’s anger by acting cute and saying “you know you’re my only friend”

11. taeil once worried for 2 and a half hours about whether he should wear glasses, and then eventually wore them

12. apparently when zico and kyung fight they sometimes swear at each other in english

13. during match up season 1, block b would get jealous of b1a4 saying things like “how are they so handsome..”. they would also look at gongchan and say to p.o “you are both maknaes but whats wrong with you..”

14. in stardom, the chairman gave block b four pot plants to put in their dorm and zico and p.o bet on which one would die first