here is the first part of Taka and Twenty One Pilots translation. i’ll upload the rest of the translation later. sorry i’m too busy to do all the translation at once. sorry for any mistake.

Taka (ONE OK ROCK) × Twenty One Pilots

Artists talk plan from Japan “MTV ONE on ONE with Rolling Stone.”

This is a special expanded edition from Taka of ONE OK ROCK and Twenty One Pilots.

The dialogue on the new breath of next-generation rock feels fresh and exciting.

- First of all, please introduce yourself.

Tyler: I’m Tyler

Josh: I’m Josh. Nice to meet you.

Taka: I’m Taka of ONE OK ROCK. Nice to meet you.

Tyler & Josh: Nice to meet you too, Taka. We are the Twenty One Pilots!

Taka: I know (laugh)

Tyler: I checked the PV of ONE OK ROCK and I liked it very much

Josh: Me too.

Taka: Thank you.


-Looks like Taka is a fan of twenty one pilots. Which part of them that taka like?

Taka: I went to Las Vegas in 2012 and there, I watched their PV for the first time and I was shocked. “Insanely cool! I wonder who they are,“ I wondered and I searched it at once and bought an album after going back to Japan and I got hooked.

Josh: it is the ‘Holding onto You’ PV? Glad to hear it.

Taka: I really love it. Really.

Josh: Really?

Tyler: Wow. I’m moved. Thank you.

Josh:  Most favorite? Wow, we’re so impressed! Thank you! Of course, PV is such an important thing for helping fans to discover new music. You know, we started from the ground up, and we didn’t know anyone in the music industry who helps us getting recognition, so the only thing we could do is building fanbase. There, we realized that music video is such a powerful tool.

Tyler: The proof is, you are originally from Japan, we are originally from Ohio, even though Taka had ever been in Las Vegas, we’ve never even been there. Yet Taka saw the video there and liked it. I think internet and video are such a ground-breaking..


-ONE OK ROCK and Twenty One Pilots Become famous but was there something such as goals or a specific time to start the activity?

Tyler: In our case, I was focused on Ohio at that time of our formation. With our base of local fans and firmly established tours, we did not have to go to several bands since we already have our local base.  I thought that it led to obedient, faithful music and I was able to relax thanks to grace again. Besides, a music industry paid attention to it, simply because a large number of local fans gathered. Though tours came to do it well by now, I concentrated on increasing the number of local fans first.

Josh: Though we didn’t know about how the other bands were, we have  big dreams and visions from the time we met. After all isn’t it necessary to have a big aim and dream from the beginning as an artist? Otherwise the motivation itself tends to reduce.

Taka: I’m also the same. Since I formed a band, each of the members have a lot of ambition such as "this is what we want ” and after all, you know that power comes out of things that motivate you. i think that it (motivation) is an enormously important tool for someone.

Tyler: exactly. But in the world, some people feel a bit intimidated to talk about dreaming of big achievements to but I believe that some people feel like minded band mate is found, a dream, can feel free to be itself, and it will lead to a sense of exhilaration. I would really feel the bond and hard work, trying to realize the dream. Begin with big dreams, and nothing less. Even from the beginning and when you’re feeling unsuccessful, for example in our case, it was the ability to believe in ourselves, thanks to the dream we have always talked about. 

- When you talk about music, some people are immersed in the nostalgic mood, and imagine the old days. What about you guys? Do you look more at the present or the future?

Tyler: Well I’ll write song about what uh, music that I love, and my experience. And after writing it, then I perform it live. Then, I’m going to repeat it each time you play the song. That would help in writing the current or future songs about the past. Music is also about my past, present, and the future.

Taka: Yeah, my life has its ups and downs and they can be very shocking. Every day we have different feelings, suddenly one day, everything will fall into place. One by one, these events will fit into the lyrics. Then, it is possible to look back when he suddenly got lost. I think that when you write everything in a song it is such a privilege things to musicians. So I do think I myself have grown up doing this, you may also be one of the diary. It’s a privilege, and it should stay that way. After all, for example when I  sing in the middle of a live crowd a family song, all sorts of old memories with the family will be flooding back, and it’s going to shape my thinking as a musician, and I think it is  very nice.

Tyler:  That kind of thinking is cool and nice. Different languages are spoken, and prone to illusion, nothing but everything is different, only words are different. I’m here as a motivation associated with the song. The spirituality is the same. I understand how music connects people to another people. People all over the world! I am impressed.