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But honestly why can't we just support our babygirl (L) without judging her personal life? Like wtf dudes it's her choice let her be happy. But, if we actual find proofs showing us that she's not treated the way she deserves, only then we can you know- try and do something? And don't stereotype people, no matter if they're weed smokers, black, muslim, gay or whatever. That's not cool bro, everyone has the power to choose who to be.


BTS Reaction to you having cute moans

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Seokjin - He would definitely be taken aback by your unexpectedly adorable moan, but he wouldn’t be too fazed by it, and would simply continue to trail kisses down your throat, nipping at your sensitive skin, letting him hear more of your soft mewls as a small smile creeped onto his plump lips.

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Yoongi -Honestly, Yoongi wouldn’t care how cute your moans were, as long as you were letting him know how well he was doing at pleasing you, and the sounds escaping past your lips did just that. He’d probably even get so cocky about it that he’d tease or touch you at random to just hear your sweet moans again.

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Hoseok - His immediate reaction would be to pinch your cheeks and coo at you, the sounds of his outbursts leveling over your quiet pleas for him to let go of your face. Although the mood had subsided, Hobi would cover your face in kisses as he admired your bright smile and flushed cheeks.
“Ahh, my girlfriend is so adorable!”

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Namjoon - To be honest, Namjoon would love your moans, and he would love the fact that they were cuter than he had expected. Not only would they turn him on more, but they would definitely give him a huge boost of confidence that would only give him the chance to let him hear more of you.

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Jimin - His hands would stop at your hips as soon as you moaned sweetly at his touch, his entire body freezing as he shyly looked up at you with a small grin. He would then laugh quietly to himself, and of course, feeling embarrassed, you’d playfully hit him, only causing him to burst out into a fit of laughter, eventually drawing you in to join him.
“You’re so cute, jagiya!”

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Taehyung - His face would be buried in the crook of your neck as a smirk spread across his lips, proud of himself as he got you to moan in such a beautiful way that only made him crave you more. He’d look up at you and bite down on his bottom lip, staring intently at your embarrassed expression before rising up to connect your lips with his, continuing the sensual moment between you two.

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Jungkook - As soon as you let a soft moan to escape past your lips, you covered your mouth with yours hands from pure embarrassment, heat flushing to your face at the fact that your boyfriend had heard you moan for the first time. However, he would simply grab your chin and press his lips against yours, letting you know that he wanted to hear you as his hands roamed your body, making you melt at his touch.

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