Everything about The Winter Soldier’s outfit screams I am a wild animal that needs to be restrained. 

His leather jacket resembles a 1940s straightjacket. His face is muzzled so he can’t communicate well. Even his gun holster goes right across his chest rather than across his shoulders, like Steve’s does.

It makes me wonder how many times Bucky tried to escape on a mission before HYDRA created an outfit to remind him that he’s controlled and owned, even when alone.

what to do when bored
  • watch cap 2
  • watch captain america: the winter soldier
  • watch the 9th mcu movie
  • watch the movie directed by the russo brothers that stars chris evans, scarlett johansson, seb stan, anthony mackie and samuel l. jackson
  • watch the 6th highest- rated marvel movie according to rotten tomatoes
  • watch T H E  W I N T E R S O L D I E R 
  • *shia voice* JUST DO IT! JUST WATCH CAP 2!!!!
  • once u’ve watched cap 2 get some more tissues and watch it again
  • check out that movie where seb stan and chris evans reprise their roles as 2 soldiers who love each other. there’s action, betrayal and a shocking  twist ( DUN DUN DUN)

I was curious so…

Sam Wilson’s position at the VA is likely “Peer Specialist”.

This requires a certification through the state but doesn’t require any sort of degree or psychology experience. (Stop calling him a therapist) It’s a GS-5 grade job which looks like requires absolutely no college education.
It’s possible and most likely that he could have been originally hired as a Peer Support Apprentice without a certification and then within that first year the VA would have paid for him to get his certification.

To qualify he would have needed to have been discharged or released from active duty in the armed forces under honorable conditions, during a war, in a campaign or expedition. It’s required that he spent a minimum of 1 year in recovery before seeking the position.

Certification training involves watching videos and traveling (all expenses paid for Apprentices) to face-to-face training and seminars on Understanding Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Principles, Peer Support Principles, Cultural Competence, Communications Skills, Group Facilitation Skills, Addressing Stigma, Understanding Different Illnesses, Recovery Tools, Professional Development & Workplace Skills, Managing Crisis and Emergency Situations.

*** It is required that a Peer Specialist/Support Apprentice be recovered or recovering from serious mental illness like Schizophrenia, BiPolar Disorder, Major Depression, Depression and Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Substance Use Disorders, and other similar diagnosis. This means everyone he works with will know he has a co-occurring condition. The job is based around your ability to use your own stories and experiences candidly with your support groups, as seeing someone going through their own recovery serves as an example of how recovery from mental illness is possible.

In these sessions Sam would teach goal setting, problem solving, symptom management skills and a variety of recovery tools. There’s a lot of focus on helping people identify their own strengths, supports, resources and skills. Peer Specialists advocate by working to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. They also act as community liaisons by identifying social supports in the community and encouraging the expansion of local community resources.

This varies on location and active years on the job but his salary was probably around $35-41k per year. This is a full time position. From what I gather the VA does not authorize you to relocate for the job so this kind of backs up that Sam was always based at Fort Meade, where the Falcon wings were kept.

I don’t know if anyone else cares but there ya go. If anyone has any first hand knowledge and has something to add please by all means (x)