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could i get nalu 18 please?

#18 - Surprised kiss

I…I almost made the word limit this time *sweats*

He was rummaging through the clean laundry when she found him, tossing shirts and pants and underwear over his shoulder. Muttering under his breath, obviously looking for something, he didn’t turn around when she stood behind him.

“Natsu?” she asked expectantly, her temper growing.

Because, honestly, she’d just folded those clothes.

Natsu peeked over his shoulder at her and blanched. “Sorry about the mess,” he said sheepishly as he smoothed out a distraught pile. “But I can’t find my scarf and I looked everywhere. Do you remember where I put it, Luce?” He lifted a stack of her underwear, looking underneath with a worried expression.

Lucy sighed and rolled her eyes.

“I had to clean it, don’t you remember? Shutora threw up all over it, the poor thing,” she sighed, recalling the last time they’d babysat for Levy and Gajeel.

Their infant twins were a handful to say in the least. And their daughter, Shutora, hadn’t been feeling well apparently as she’d thrown up on Natsu right before bed – and then proceeded to cry all night. Which, of course, meant that her brother had cried all night too.

Natsu straightened as he, presumably, thought back to the same night. “Right!”

“Your scarf is outside on the line, air-drying. It should be fine by now,” Lucy chuckled.

His eyes lit up as he grinned. “Thanks, Lucy.”

Pulling her into a quick hug, he ducked and planted a kiss on her cheek, catching Lucy by surprise. It was short, sweet, and hasty – but filled with love all the same. Her insides fluttered happily and for a little while she forgot about her upset laundry. She was smiling and touching her cheek when he dashed out their back door and into the yard in search of his scarf.

“You’re welcome!” she called, laughing.

au where the garde have wings. 

hilde tells one to hide them - “the second they’re seen, we’re caught” - but one doesn’t listen, she never listens. she wears them with pride, big and grand and stretching, and when the mogs catch her they tear them off she thinks “fuck, i kinda had that coming.”

maggie’s are tiny, and fluffy, and easy to hide underneath layers of coats. the mogs don’t bother to get rid of them when they take her body.

three’s are dark, but oily, and when they get to earth his cepan cuts them off.

“we’re living in a hot climate,” he says, as three cries and he himself is close to tears. “i’m sorry, but there’s no way to cover them up. forgive me.”

(three never does, but when his cepan dies he still feels the loss as badly as when he lost the wings.)

john keeps his hidden, has always kept his hidden. later he lets sarah trace the edges, lets her say “they’re beautiful”. he lets sam admire them and six critise how out in the open they are. they move with his feelings, sagging when he’s sad and lifting when he’s happy, and they’re an extension of himself as much his limbs are.

five hates his wings, but doesn’t say so. they’re shitty, anyway, brown and small, even if he’s one of the rare lucky garde who can use his wings to fly. 

after she escapes from the mog prison, six cuts her wings off herself. they’re a liability - they look nice but accomplish nothing, and if she wants to stay hidden then she can’t have two pitch black wings looming over her.

(she misses them, though. misses the way katarina would take care of them and teach her to keep them to herself even during battle.)

(but six is a soldier, and soldiers make tough choices sometimes.)

marina knows she can’t show hers - she’s in a church, they’ll think she’s an angel and that’ll draw attention and that’s the last thing she needs. her wings are smallish, and blend with her skin well enough that, somehow, no one ever notices. 

when hector ricardo’s mother calls her an angel, she is so tempted to show her the wings.

lola waited until they were sleeping to pull out a knife, and the charm only ever worked against mogs and not humans, and eight can’t save her or reynolds or his wing, but he has one and that’s some small comfort.

(when he learns to shapeshift he changes so he has two again, but it’s not the same, never the same. it’s not natural or right and he prefers to shift into looking human than to make it look like he has two wings when he only really has one.)

nine is ever so proud of his wings, their power and size. sandor rolls his eyes with fondness whenever nine goes out with them, but he says “say you’re a cosplayer” - and, miraculously, it works.

ella’s are the smallest of them all, but they’re precious to her. when marina finds out who she is the both of them finally reveal them, and the wave of relief they share is identical. 

idk, just - the garde with wings

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Mam pytanie odnośnie piosenki tøp pt. "Two". Wiecie może o niej coś więcej?

Są dwie teorie dotyczące tej piosenki: jedni spekulują, że powstała ona po odejściu z zespołu Nicka Thomasa. W twenty one pilots zostało wtedy tylko dwóch członków, a piosenka mówi o wątpliwościach i obawach związanych z tak małą ilością ludzi w zespole (stąd tytuł “Two” czyli dwoje).

Druga teoria jest związana z Blurryface, o którym podobno mówi piosenka. W tekście piosenki padają słowa “I’m two” (jestem podwójny - czyli jestem sobą i Blurryface).