TFW: you start writing your first decent poem in months, and you accidentally press “cancel” and don’t remember any of it.

So here’s a completely different one.

It was just a poem about missing you.
I hope you’re on your way to discovering that different you.
I hope you’re okay,
And maybe missing me a little bit too.

The stars remind me of you,
And of our late-night beach walks,
And you would talk about how you were scared to look up,
Because it was just too much,
And you were just too drunk.

You barely remember these nights,
But you would wrap me up so very tight,
In your endless arms,
And I didn’t really have to try.

I’m here, my friend,
You don’t have to worry,
I’ll pick you back up,
I will always hurry.

I love you in a way I don’t quite understand.
And that’s really about it.