I just realized something guys! The next time there’s a Caryl reunion, it will probably go Canon. 

Why? Because they pretty much confirmed it. In the trailer, it’s shown that Carol is the most important person in Daryl’s life and he’s thinking that he’s going to die and she doesn’t know he loves her (btw just like Denise w/ Tara).

So if he gets another chance to tell her, I’m absolutely certain he will. And bam it’s canon.


You should watch this! And gif the shit out of this.

Yvette and Bitsie talk about trolls in social media and ship wars from around 8 minutes in. So fucking good!!

Edit: Ooooooh! Sonequa gives some veeeery interesting insight on the “angry black-woman” -trope on TWD… Hope you heard that, Gimple. Don’t fucking fire her! She’s right.