Due to nakklepiggy, I wasted my entire day watchin Tsuritama. I don’t frequently watch anime, but this fishin one was really cute and well paced, so I highly recommend it!

Anyway, she mentioned a crossover of both wonder over yonder and ORAS, so I had to draw my favorite nerds and Archie as the parts I believe theyd play: Archie of course is Haru and Maxie is Yuki. Tabitha is Natsuki because theyre both absolute grumps and Courtney is Akira with her companion Numle. Together they fish and save the world!


“I’m sorry, too.”
“Why are you apologising?”
“Because I’m always getting mad at you. You’re an alien. It’s not your fault you don’t understand.”
“But I wan’t to understand. If I did, we wouldn’t fight anymore.”