How can you fight for the Users if you can’t even fight for yourself?

Or, an alternate title: Forsaken Warrior

Tron seems to be the punching bag of his own universe. All the worsts shit gets thrown at him, but the guy keeps getting back up, because that’s what he’s supposed to do. And he probably wasn’t the easiest Program to brainwash/rectify, and I’d bet Clu would throw in some demoralizing words at him to make it easier. He’d make Tron feel so worthless that he just gives up.

Here’s hoping he survives the fall into the Sea and makes it back :D


The season finale of Tron: Uprising has aired.

It was action-packed, intense, intelligent, beautiful … in other words, just like every other episode.  Except for one thing: it’s probably the last one.

This Annie Award-winning series deserves to play out the story.  One of the last lines in the episode is spoken by Tron himself: “The uprising has begun.”  I could only shake my head.

Then to see Clu’s forces roll in to Argon … Tron is healed … Tessler is angry … the Renegade has an army … it shouldn’t end there.

I despair of my Twitter and Tumblr actions bearing any fruit.  If nothing else, I hope for a finale movie or maybe a limited series just before Tron 3 arrives.

Charlie Bean and everyone involved, thank you.  It was amazing.  Put it on Blu-ray, and I’ll buy it with a quickness.

Finally finished my art project for my class… Any feedback??? Btw, it’s TRON themed…. This girl at school didn’t even know what movie this was from…. I wanted to seriously scream… I mean, WHO HASN’T SEEN THE NEW OR OLD TRON?!?!?!?!?!?! #art #artwork #tron #tronlegacy

Biodigital jazz, man.

In an interview, Olivia Wilde said she helped develop the Quorra character by basing her on Joan of Arc, which actually makes a lot of sense of to me in retrospect. Also makes this pose feel more appropriate and doesn’t look like Star Wars at all.

I had trouble with the background. I couldn’t find anything I liked, so I just made up some half-baked thing because I couldn’t think of any context to put her in. The symbol in the background is the tattoo the ISOs have, or at least the female ones do. I think males have it slightly different.

EDIT 11/24/14: Rotated the hexagon in the background so its on a plane rather than a corner; I realized I had positioned it wrong after re-watching the movie again :)