Full Moon in Gemini The Loony Moon ☾ ☽ ♥

Hermes and Zeus are reunited. They are shapeshifting and flying through stormy and sunny skies together. When the Sun awakens Sagittarius, the Full Moon calls for Gemini. Sagittarius will shoot for the heavens, and land on the sun, and divine faith and thought can shatter the laws of physics all together. The inner light is switched on here, especially in the mind, as soul and body take flight into the lilac cleanse of the moon. Emotions
are satiated by learning and laughter. Because the wise come to realise everything in life has a comedic light, and God is laughing. The Gemini Full Moon symbolizes a favorable time for reaching conclusions based on integrating contradiction. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis represents duality, so oppositions can be activated and infused here. We can walk the tightrope of oppositions and do this in the splendorous Gemini mind, filled with rollercoasters and cerebral delight. 

Gemini is a mentally active sign, and Sagittarius breathes global illumination into the cerebral experience. When the lunar lights hit Gemini, the waterslides in the mind have frosted and fused language with lyrics, longings and anxieties. And those little Gemini monkeys don’t have to be light and dark, in esoteric astrology Venus rules Gemini and they can be sisters of love <3 Gemini means double the feeling but also double the delight, double the joy,
and double the novelty. Our brains are seeking constant stimulation to
soothe the restlessness and the bouncy inner child that has taken up residence in the mind. Emotions have thoughts right now and they want to be heard.  We hear that it’s all too easy to lose your bearings under the hypnosis Full Moons,
with the mental energies of Gemini and Sagittarius soaking together, it gives accelerated to derangement or sheer genius. Under the Full Moon the dissolution between worlds seems a most splendid
lunar celebration


the australian government recently passed legislation that allows ASIO to track citizens online and regulate the conduct of journalists and public informants.  Transiting Pluto in Capricorn indicates themes of of control factors and paternal management (Saturn) that foster the world’s entry through a security checkpoint. pluto can be invasive… Capricorn alarming in its hardline regimes and surveillance. pluto symbolizes “data mining”, pluto embarks on truth, ripping through subterfuge and fakery, searching for threats. as pluto has transited through capricorn governments have embarked on new and alarming ways to technologically monitor citizens. but this implementation of control by world industrial leaders (Capricorn) will be their ruination (pluto). it’s because pluto refuses to stand for anything that is not ‘truth’. world governments are attempting to conceal their own corruption, lies and maltreatment by war against citizens, their own citizens, claiming they are the enemy. by one of the same, pluto must soon demand their information, the stockpiles of UN files and government data that will reveal the real threat to international security - governments. their attempts to cover up their malice will result in the biggest explosion of truth and political obliteration - by their own making.

#transiting pluto in capricorn 


Want a long af month old selfie video of me sitting around on the metro? Because that’s what you’re getting.

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Vancouver’s cycling-friendly side streets seen as a key step forward for North American cities

For the past decade, Vancouver’s separated bike lanes have continued to generate headlines and heaps of public scorn from conservative Vancouver residents who see them as the most overt example of Big Government’s ongoing “war on the car.”

Urban-planning and transportation experts have long feted Vancouver’s extensive system of bike-friendly side streets as a cheap and uncontroversial way for bike-resistant North American cities to create the infrastructure that gets people out of their cars and onto two wheels.

“It’s very simple,” says Gordon Price, a six-term former city councillor and former director of Simon Fraser University’s City Program. “All you have to do is put in traffic signals where these side streets cross another arterial.”

Mr. Price says Vancouver’s place at the forefront of North American cycling infrastructure stems from activists in the early 1970s successfully stopping a freeway from carving through its downtown core. After that, he says, Vancouver’s politicians declared that the car would not be the dominant mode of transportation, which paved the way for the city’s first dedicated bike lanes to be created in the early 1990s, with little backlash.

These lanes – which force cars to obey lower speed limits in order to give cyclists preferential treatment on an open residential street – soon began to reshape the “mental map” residents use for getting around the city, he said.

Mr. Price was a councillor from 1986 to 2002, after which he says his Non-Partisan Association party committed to fomenting a “bikelash” among Vancouver’s more conservative residents to oppose any expansion to the city’s cycling infrastructure. This movement began to reach a fever pitch in the run-up to council reallocating a car lane of the Burrard Street Bridge in 2009 to create a separated path for cyclists riding in and out of downtown.

Networks of traffic-calmed streets can be an important – and politically feasible – middle step for a city to make cycling safer and easier for many, but, ultimately, separated lanes on busy streets are the key to getting more commuters peddling to work, according to Brent Toderian, Vancouver’s former director of planning.

Roughly 10 per cent of Vancouver commutes are now on bikes thanks to these separated lanes, making it one of North America’s top-three cycling cities, he says.

“By far the biggest safety benefits are in terms of huge declines in traffic injuries of children,” Mr. Pucher says of the side streets calmed for cyclists. “What resident of a neighbourhood is going to oppose this?”

Transiting Jupiter is opposite Uranus

i want change and i want it now? i want adventure and i’m not waiting for a second? i have a cool confidence to try new personalities and styles. I want to experiment with some mind expanding substances 
Jupiter-Uranus is a mind expanding substance. It exposes hidden insights in philosophy and generates cosmic intuition from the higher mind. This is a contact that emphasises the intellect and focuses on the future. It demands change in an abrupt and fun way. The world is changing rapidly. But thats actually you changing rapidly. It’s hard to sit still for a minute! Go chase your inner minnie <3