things that people forget when talking about james potter:

  • james potter befriended one of the quietest, frailest, shyest, weakest children possible and later trusted him explicitly, enough that he would name him Secret Keeper, the protector of his family, despite the fact that he wasn’t outstanding or particularly brilliant in any way. he gave him a chance
  • james potter befriended a werewolf in a time that they were ostracized from the rest of the wizarding comunity - not out of pity or mockery of him, but because he genuinely admired him as a person
  • james potter broke the law by illegally becoming an unregistered animagus simply because he wanted to keep one of his best friends company through an extremely traumatic times every single month
  • james potter had a crush on lily from the first time he met her and he didn’t tease her or mock her. yes, he pestered her and he should have taken a hint, but he never turned against her for her refusal of him or scorned her the way certain other boys did
  • james potter became a member of the order, putting himself at risk, because he believed in freedom and equality enough that he was willing to die fighting a malevolent force. we honour our soldiers for their dedication and bravery, yet people forget that james did the wizarding equivalent
  • james potter was mentioned to have jinxed other students - he did not bully them. he did not pick out targets, it was implied to be done at random. fred and george pranked other students in the same way, and they would often have more disastrous effects, possibly harmful, but no one calls them bullies
  • james potter bullied a bully. snape was awful to lily, one of the only people - maybe the only person? - who treated him kindly and with respect. james doesn’t have much of an excuse for bullying snape because he did that before the slytherin treated lily badly, and i’m not going to say that snape deserved his childhood abuse from the marauders, but people glorify snape and vilify james when they were both horrible to people in their childhood
  • james potter, a pure-blood wizard, married a muggle-born witch. at the time of the marauder era, that would have been looked down on and yet he did that because he loved her
  • james potter was completely dedicated to a life with his talented, intelligent, kind, beautiful wife and their gorgeous new child and that was snatched away from him before he could enjoy it
  • james potter was wand less and essentially defenseless, powerless against voldemort when he came to slaughter them, and yet he told lily to take their child and try to run whilst he did his best to hold them off. sending his wife and son away showed that he knew he was going to die doing this and he was laying down his life to give them a precious few seconds more

things that people remember when talking about james potter:

  • james potter was a dick when he was young

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things that people forget when talking about grantaire:

  • grantaire boxes. grantaire is actually a fucking good boxer. not only is he a good boxer, grantaire is also canonically trained in dance and fencing too. grantaire is not a drunken layabout who doesn’t take care of himself. grantaire drinks but grantaire also throws himself into many different forms of activity
  • grantaire is realistic. grantaire has flaws. grantaire can’t do math. grantaire sucks at math. grantaire’s father gave up on grantaire because grantaire loved ‘love and liberty’ more than he did mathematics
  • grantaire hates when people try to appear more virtuous and more holier-than-thou by depriving themselves of worldly pleasures like rich clothes, food - i wonder how he’d feel about bishop myriel -, when they could afford to live well. it suggests some bitterness, which wouldn’t be too out of character for him
  • grantaire fucking loves classics. grantaire uses multiple classics references in his speech - lengthy and sometimes rambling on as if grantaire can’t keep all of his words in - the most notable of these is the infamously fanon 'apollo’ nickname
  • grantaire is almost a representation of paris. grantaire is gritty and cynical. grantaire is also a romantic and a social character. grantaire could find his way through paris with a blindfold, he knows the city like the back of his hand
  • grantaire has a love/hate relationship with diogynes
  • fanon: grantaire is not a fucking saint. grantaire is a natural born antagoniser. grantaire irritates people and he actually enjoys doing it. grantaire systematically picks apart the amis’ speeches, tears down the foundations that enjolras has built his character around, and then he gets upset when enjolras retaliates. grantaire is not an angel. however, grantaire’s actions can be seen sympathetically if you’re of the mind to believe that grantaire only does this to get attention - that isn’t canonical though, and it shows grantaire in a much more sympathetic light than he canonically seems - though as marina helpfully pointed out, grantaire disagreeing with enjolras is like 'a floor-sweeper in a church disagreeing with the pope’
  • grantaire’s closest friends are not bahorel or courfeyrac. grantaire’s closest friends are joly and bossuet. grantaire is drinking buddies with them. grantaire laughs with them, jokes with them. they come with grantaire to 'conduct [him] back towards cheerfulness’ - joly and bossuet care deeply for grantaire, and grantaire, a guarded and independent character when it comes to dealing with his depression, allows them in because they mean a goddamn lot to each other
  • grantaire has 'melancholy’ which yes, could very well be - and does seem to be - clinical depression. grantaire is not a lazy alcoholic because he has nothing better to do, because we know that grantaire has plenty of other options. grantaire is an alcoholic because he self-medicates his depression
  • grantaire studied under a man named gros and he failed. this was a study into art, arguably one of grantaire’s main passions. crackinwise also pointed out a good meta on this subject which you can find here

things that people remember when talking about grantaire:

  • grantaire drank a lot and loved enjolras

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things that people forget when talking about joly:

  • joly isn’t specifically a germaphobe, he isn’t scared of germs and bacteria and joly, as the ‘gayest of them all’, was evidently perfectly happy to drink god knows what they could have given him in the backroom of a dingy little Parisian wine shop. whilst he does complain later on, it’s about the rain, not the grime he’ll find on the barricades, meaning that there’s very little, if any, evidence for joly being a germaphobe
  • joly is referred to as the 'malade imaginaire jeune’ translating to the hypochondriac junior which isn’t so much calling joly as a hypochondriac (as hypochondriac is only used by grantaire, to describe grantaire) but rather referencing the play by molière 'la malade imaginaire’ or the imaginary invalid. this is a comedy, not a tragedy, and the reference implies that joly is very similar to the main character, a rich man obsessed with medicine for imaginary illnesses. note that the obsession isn’t so much on the illness, but on the cure , suggesting that joly’s interests are in medicine, not simply disease
  • joly doesn’t make up his poor health, he genuinely is in poor health. he doesn’t imagine his cold in the book, he really does have one (“it’s raiding,” said joly. “i had sworn to go through fire, but not through water. i don’t wand to ged a gold”) and joly’s concern for his health getting even worse is natural, not obsessional
  • joly isn’t some hapless nursing student that you can mock, joly’s strength in enjolras’ eyes is his science. enjolras sees the good in people and, to pick this strength over joly’s general cheerfulness, joly is obviously very capable
  • joly doesn’t fret over illness constantly! he barely does it at all and when he does, it’s a comedic line, not a tragic one. joly is, as i will say again, the gayest of them all. joly makes jokes and joly laughs and joly is happy and joly is not a character to shove into a fanfic whenever you need to show someone else in a heroic light for helping him out (joly’s actually the one who should be shown in a heroic light because he’s the one, along with bossuet, who does his best to help grantaire)
  • joly’s relationship with bossuet is not canonically of a romantic nature. you could argue that the 'they lived together, ate together, and slept together’ could be interpreted as sexual for a modern au, but it is incredibly unlikely that they were actually sexually involved in canon. joly’s relationship with musichetta could also be disputed. joly is shown to be trying to woo musichetta and she 'sulks at him with cruel patience’ which could be interpreted as joly really trying to woo her and her refusing, or joly in a relationship with musichetta albeit one that goes through a bit of trouble. regardless of his relationship with musichetta, joly is almost certainly not in a relationship with bossuet (the 'they slept together’ line is similar to how marius came to 'sleep with’ courfeyrac). they had a bond similar to monk brothers who, unless i’m mistaken, probably don’t have anything sexual to do with each other.
  • joly does use a cane but that’s not to say that joly has a disability. he’s a young doctor, he’s rich, he’s well dressed - the cane is likely a fashion accessory more than anything he needs, and you could interpret it as a sign of his eccentricity if you wish and in fanon it’d be fine to see joly with a disability but it’s not canonically stated that he does have one

things that people remember when talking about joly:

  • joly didn’t like germs

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as an added note, i’d really love to thank julie for her sending me essentially all of this because it was incredibly interesting to read and they evidently have a great love for joly and a good understanding for his character

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tfp ratchet, optimus prime, smokescreen and wheeljack seeing their human doing the knife song.

Transformers: Prime

Optimus calmly tells you to put the knife away and to not do that.

Ratchet gets angry. What the fuck why do humANS EVEN MAKE THESE CHALLENGES-

Smokescreen panics, and tries to take the knife from you. Please don’t hurt yourself. Ple ase.

Wheeljack is a horrible enabler and tells you to try and go faster. Only gets worried when you actually cut yourself.

Headcanon, Zarina's Alchemist Uniform

made with the help of asktheneverfairies

I think her alchemy uniform would be a unique mix of the fall-themed dust keeper uniform and the humanized touche of a pirate costume. First off I believe her hair was cut into a really cute short bob style, to signify her throwing away her pirate life and beginning a new. She would keep the boots, opt for a one shouldered tiger lily midriff top with brown leafy trousers and a sleeveless trench coat made of soft grey silk. She would also have nice dorky specs when experimenting, like bobbles but made with glass from lost things, and a little ribbon in her hair to keep it our of her face.