I’ll relate every wednesday back to zayn leaving… like it’ll be 2045 and I’ll be like “it’s been 1560 weeks since zayn left”

Just a thought: Taylor wouldn’t be following all of our tayvin blogs if she felt even the slightest bit uncomfortable with us. She knows everything we say on here is to be funny and I’m certain that she’s glad beyond words that she can come online and find all of us freaking out about their happiness.

I dont understand the PLL writers because they literally make Alison say “those kisses weren’t just for practice” which I’m pretty sure indicates that Alison liked Emily because that line was clear as day and then they just automatically give Alison another love interest I just don’t understand their logic like they took queerbaiting to a whole new level and I’m so disappointed

i am all for the fleetwood mac stevie nicks witchy queen free spirit aesthetic but i see so many ppl accompany that look with calling themselves or her a g*psy and using that slur frequently like i love stevie i love all that free spirit but please can y’all not use that slur as much as you do like ive been seeing it everywhere lately

what if after ritsu left him, saga couldnt stop thinking about what he did wrong until he eventually figures that he didnt demonstrate his love enough, so he teaches himself about being romantic and lovey dovey which is why takano now has that sensitivity/intuition for shoujo that makes emerald really successful

Honestly I don’t even know how I’m going to measure up to everyone else’s costumes for tour I mean the fans in Japan were so incredible with their outfits how can we live up to that