My mom, just now: Look at your skinny arms!! You have NO MUSCLE AT ALL! Why don’t you work out more? Didn’t you say you like Mad Max? Why don’t you try to look more like that woman in there?

Me: That’s because the world of Mad Max was destroyed by war and nukes :)))))) and maybe people driving and fighting and surviving shit in the desert have, well, muscle :))))))

  • Parents:"do you have any plans tonight?"
  • Me:"I'm just going to watch a concert with a few friends"
  • Me:*puts pjs on*
  • Me:*locks myself in my room and live blogs the Detroit show*

it kills me when damon is asking katherine how she feels 😡 “it was always stefan”. then he goes to confront elena about his perceived mixed signals and “i love stefan, it’s always going to be stefan”…what changed? what made someone FINALLY put DAMON first? a sire bond. lets be real, she was sired. no doubt. he NEVER un-sired her and the writers tried to portray that shit as “true, epic love”. the ONLY ones who put damon first are bonnie and stefan.


neckdeepofficial - Can’t Kick Up The Roots (Drum Cover)

Terrance Pettitt