Bonnie Anderson and Riley Anderson Are Cousins

Up top, Carl and Ellie’s wedding scene from Up. The first row is Ellie’s family. Her dad, her younger sister, her middle sister and her fiance and her mom. According to SuperCarlinBrothers, the younger sister is quite likely Andy’s mom, but I have an alternative. So, who is the real sisters?

  • First, we must discuss Ellie’s last name. Is Fredricksen her maiden or married name? Ellie seems like the kind of girl that would keep her maiden name and have Carl change his, but Carl’s family seems like the traditional type. So who won out? For this theory to work, we need Fredricksen to be her married name, for Carl’s family to win. And for her maiden name needs to be Anderson. As in Bonnie Anderson, from Toy Story 3. As in Riley Anderson from Pixar’s recent Inside Out. I propose to you that Bonnie and Riley are cousins, children of Ellie’s sisters.
  • Next, we must establish that Toy Story is set in the Tri-County area, as seen on Sid’s garbage truck in Toy Story 3 and that Riley tries out for the Tri-County hockey team. So now we have proven that Riley and Bonnie live in the same area and have the same last name.
  • Now lets move onto biology. We see Bonnie’s mom in the movie, so we  have that going for us. She has brown hair and under her glasses you see brown eyes peeking out. If you look at Riley and her mother and compare them to Bonnie and her mother, they all do have similar face structure, a slightly chubby round face. If you look at her father and the middle sisters fiance, you can see that they both have longer faces. Another thing is that the Ellie’s mother has glasses, Riley’s mom does, Bonnie’s and so does Ellie, implying that bad vision runs in the family. And although Ellie is a red headed child, being a red head is very rare, as it is the least dominate gene you can get hair wise, so its safe to say that she comes from a family with brown hair and brown eyes. Now, I’m to make a leap and say that Ellie’s mother has blue eyes, which would explain biologically why Riley does even though both of her parents have brown eyes. Although the Anderson family is paler than Bonnie and her mother are, this could just be because its not as sunny in Minnesota as it is in San Fransisco. 
  • So, everything really fits, including location. Ellie’s family lived in San Fransisco, until Riley’s mom and her younger sister to Minnesota. I include the younger sister because of Andy’s mom, who I will explain later. When we go inside Riley’s mom’s head, we see that she is mainly controlled by Sadness, and this seems to be because of her childhood. Being a middle child can be hard, I can personally attest to this. So Sadness takes control. When Riley’s mom is thanking Riley for being happy, you can see that sag in her shoulders. This hasn’t been easy for her either, and maybe this is because she had a falling out with her parents and Ellie sometime after the wedding and being back brings many sad memories.
  • Now, this family seems very tight nit, if you look at the wedding scene. This is the reason the two sisters move together, because its a group falling out.

How Andy’s Mom Really Fits

  • After the wedding, Bonnie is born when Andy is in high school. Andy’s mom is ecstatic, one of her best friends had a baby! After your friends with someone for a while, you get in close with their family. I think that Andy’s mom was friends with all of the sisters, starting with Ellie. But she slowly drifts down until, even though she is much older, she is best friends with Bonnie’s mother. That’s why she sent a post card to her, they’re friends. She is very close with the whole family.
  • But a couple years after Bonnie is born, the whole family falls apart, most likely over the fathers death (the 5 stages of grief include anger, and this could lead to a huge fight between the sisters, the father because he seems older than the mother). Andy is now in college and Bonnie has the toys, and the family has started to drift. Riley’s mom and Bonnie’s mom both move to Minnesota to get away from the memories, but Ellie, who is starting to get older, stays with Carl in the suburbs of San Fransisco. Soon after this, Bonnie’s mother joins them in Minnesota, just before Bonnie starts kindergarten. She’s started to calm down, and so, her parents decide to have another child. I’ll have more on the baby in a moment. Bonnie’s mom and Andy’s mom are so close, that they even started out living close together, right around the corner, according to Woody in Toy Story 3.
  • So, now for Bonnie’s sibling. She is named, get this, Meg. Riley’s friend. Now, lets think about this, Bonnie has brown hair, Meg has red. Who else has red hair? None other than Ellie. Red hair does run in the family, though it is rare. Also, Meg wear glasses much like, count ‘em one two three of her female extended family members and mother and she has the same round face. She is more red in the face, but that could be part of her father in her, or the fact that she is laughing in most of her appearances. Now, earlier I mention how Bonnie is tanner than Riley, but the only version of Bonnie we have is still in San Fransisco, with all the sun.

So, what am I missing? What holes are there in this theory? I would love to correct them and even add more if more comes up. Thank you if you read this!