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How would Seogoong, Nakta and Hojoon react if they woke up and found you sleeping beside them? they don't remember you guys were watching a horror movie and fell asleep there p.s. love this blog!

Aw, thank you a lot. This means very much to me :)

Seogoong would most likely just look at you for a few moments and try to remember what happened. But while literally staring at you he might just smile and give up on trying to remember. Instead he would search for his phone and take a few pictures of you sleeping. No matter how messed up you looked at that moment he would just think you’re really cute. And as soon as he’d think he has enough pictures he would nudge you to wake you up. ‘Yah, see how adorable you look being asleep’ he would keep on telling you until you finally show any reaction. ‘Go away, I will never watch a horror movie with you again!’ And that moment he would remember what you were doing and laugh at the memory with you’d hit him slightly to shut up again so that you could go back to sleep. But he wouldn’t do you this favor since he’d be too busy making fun of you and taking pictures all the time.

Nakta would get a bit flustered as soon as he wakes up. He’d try to get a bit away from you but seeing you clinging to him he wouldn’t know what to do. In the end he would just stay still since he wouldn’t want to wake you up. But looking around he’d notice the TV not being shut down properly and slowly remember that you were so scared that he spent more time making sure you’re okay than actually watching the movie. And sooner or later you two fell asleep. With that in mind he would notice how uneasy you’re sleeping so that he’d hug you in order to soothe you. And seeing that it would work he would just close his eyes again and try to fall asleep.

And Hojoon would be something in between. He’d be a bit shocked at first but even if he wouldn’t remember he wouldn’t mind too much. Since he would be sure that nothing bad happenend he would just relax. If he’d be sure he wouldn’t wake you up he’d hug you and stroke your hair a bit. At least he would do this as long as he gets bored because from that moment on he wouldn’t be that silent anymore. He’d ask himself aloud what might happened until you finally awake and murmur to shut up. ‘Really? It doesn’t bother you at all waking up right next to me after I’ve been busy figuring this out for the last hours?’ he’d nudge you playfully - actually trying to wake you up fully. ‘I know exactly that we were watching this movie and you fell asleep because it was too boring… And you know that as well, right?’ A cheeky smile would appear on his face and he’d just laugh: ‘Ah~ So clever..’ But he would be able to say anymore since you would turn around to continue sleeping.

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