So, I was in work, listening to the radio, when I heard on the news that Chris Evans was going to present Topgear with two others, replacing Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. And at first I was thinking “WAIT, WHAT?” because I was thinking of this guy:

And then I realised they weren’t talking about that Chris Evans, they were talking about this Chris Evans:

Completely different guy. 

But now I can’t stop thinking about Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson presenting a Marvel form of Topgear.

I found this on twitter under the James may tag and I don’t know if it is a joke/publicity thing by the Sunday sport to get more readers or if it is something the BBC where considering but as a James may fan I find it sightly offensive

the first thing I find offensive is that they say in the article that  James could easily pass as Richard Hammond dad even though Hammond is only 7 years younger and I think this is unfair because I think James has aged well and looks great but obviously if this article is true the journalist from the Sunday sport and the writers from the BBC do not agree.

the second thing I find offensive is James  character in the show seems to be based on stereotypes and misconceptions about him for example that he is dull and homosexual.