a continuation of these posts but i didn’t want to make them too long.

anyway, something big is absolutely happening on the haruhi website, but first i’ll cover the updates i haven’t talked about yet

these were the updates shown on the website. they are all disappearance screencaps, with quotes from the movie (aside from the first one, where the picture didn’t show up for me). it’s also worth noting that the text has gotten lighter and lighter, so you can’t see it on the page. 

the next time i checked the website, something very strange happened. 

a black text box came up, and began typing.

The translation is yuki’s message to kyon on the disappearance clubroom computer. (thank you @just-a-villain for sending me this)

YUKI.N> While you are reading this, I am not me. YUKI.N> When this message is displayed, There, you, I, Haruhi Suzumiya, Asahina Mikuru, Kazuki Koizumi is supposed to exist. YUKI.N> That’s the key. You have found the answer. YUKI.N> This is an emergency escape program. To activate it, press the enter key, Otherwise, select another key. When activated, You gain the opportunity for space-time correction. However, success can not be guaranteed. Moreover, it can not guarantee the return. YUKI.N> This program starts only once. It is erased after execution. When YUKI.N> non-execution is selected, it is deleted without starting it. Ready?

Once this message has appeared, you have two options: to press enter or not to. If you do press enter, a message appears which transates to “Okay, Of course” from Kyon, presumably, in very faint lettering. (thanks again to @just-a-villain ! )

If you don’t click enter, the website brings you to this page

clicking the link in the corner (which reads “disappearance of nagato yuki-chan” brings you to the yuki-chan website. 

It’s possible this is teasing for a yuki chan season 2? i do hope its s3 though… 

I’ll update more in the morning!


The world has not been recreated. Suzumiya has cut off a sector of time. The period from August seventeenth to the thirty-first. Thus, we are currently in a world that only consists of two weeks. Any point before August seventeenth or after August thirty first has disappeared. This is a world that will never see September.

                              We have repeated the same two weeks over ten thousand times.