I’m rewatching Shadowhunters & I just saw when Jace/Izzy/Alec jump down from the bridge onto the floor following the shapeshifting demon. Jace does a backflip, Izzy a fancy ass layout and then Alec just drops. Haha. I don’t make gifs but omg, go and rewatch. 

Jace and Izzy are like: Time to show some style. 

Alecs likes: Whatever, this is more practical. 


“It’s fine, (Y/N). Don’t pretend you did something horrible. You’ve been awake for a few hours straight, so I’m glad you could catch up with some sleep.” Nethertheless, you blushed even more which made him geniunely laugh. “Didn’t know you could be that adorable, Miss I-kill-demons-by-only-looking-at-them.”

That’s a horrible nickname”, you stated, rolling your eyes. “Ah, good you’re back to normal”, Alec winked. 


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