I just really love Jamila okay

It’s so important that she exists, especially in the current climate of POC not getting much representation.

HER isn’t super wealthy or well-known but they still managed to put a well-educated, well-spoken british-egyptian muslim woman who wears hijab in their game, make her an important character, and bring her back as a phone character for a later game.

And as someone who wears hijab, it’s exciting that HER portrayed her clothes accurately. Her hijab is tied the way most egyptian women tie it, she’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt under her tunic to keep her neck/arms covered, her tunic is long enough to cover her rear, her pants aren’t form-fitting…they definitely took the time to dress her the way a hijabi might dress, without making her frumpy or dull.

And the whole “daughters of nefertari” thing is cool too. I doubt HER knew about this when they made the game, but it’s super important that she’s muslim and still completing this mission. Nefertari was Ramses II’s wife, right? And Ramses II was the pharaoh pitted against Musa (Moses). Which means that in order for the women in Jamila’s family to receive this mission of recovering the queen’s mummy, they couldn’t have converted until years–maybe centuries–down the line.

AND YET–they keep their word. They are muslims now, yet the women of the el-dine family are bound to their promise. Which is a big deal in Islam–if you promise something you are supposed to follow through. The fact that Nefertari was Ramses II’s wife doesn’t mean her corpse deserves ill-treatment. So here Jamila is, like her mother before her and every woman in her family before her, fulfilling the promise her family made thousands of years ago.

I just really love Jamila okay I will never love a game character more than her.

Moment of appreciation

HeR isn’t perfect and I know a lot of people have been frustrated with them lately BUT

I would like to take this moment to point out that they created three Muslim characters, each with distinct personalities and varying importance to the plot, and nothing about them is stereotypical

so shout out to HeR for handling their Muslim characters better than like….all of Hollywood