A Timeline reference for Feysand

I wrote this down for fanfic purposes and thought you guys might like to see how it all went down.

Spring Equinox (March): Calanmai. Feyre encounters Rhysand for the first time.

Summer Solstice (June): Rhysand visits Tamlin a day after the solstice.

Autumn Equinox (September): It is around this time that Amarantha is defeated.

Winter Solstice (December): Feyre begins narrating A Court of Mist and Fury a week after the Solstice. This means Tamlin’s proposal took place by the end of October.

Feyre and Tamlin’s wedding takes place around New Year.

Feyre is taken to Velaris around the end of January.

Nynsar and Starfall are celebrated before Calanmai. I’d say it takes place around the second half of February

The chapters that take place in the Illyrian camps and the log cabin probably take place in late February and early March.

Spring Equinox (March): Calanmai. Velaris is revealed to the queens on this equinox and the city is attacked three days later. Feyre and Rhysand are married after the attack and leave for Hybern the next day. 

This is based solely on the references and cues made in A Court of Mist and Fury (I don’t have my copy of ACOTAR anymore). I am assuming the story takes place in the Northern Hemisphere.>

Fun fact, Persephone had to oblige to spending the winter months with Hades after being tricked into eating food from the underworld. Yet another parallel.