Script book for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. II (2002)

This is from the Absolute Edition of LoEG volume two, which is out of print. I was lucky enough to find this online when a library in Rochester, MI was getting rid of it, so it’s not in the best shape… but it’s still really impressive and full of Alan Moore’s unbelievably dense, fascinating scripts.

It’s also got layouts for notable panels and a sketch gallery, as well as a cover by Kevin O'Neill that portrays Mr. Moore as some kind of levitating Martian mystic.

One notable feature is that all the Martian dialogue is in English in the script, so the best-guess efforts of the annotators (of whom I’m just one) need no longer be your only guide!

I’ve always kind of wondered about the single highlighted line in the entire book, there. Who found it especially interesting, and for what reason? Seems I’ll never know. One of the interesting things about buying secondhand books.

“La Liga de los Hombres Extraorfinario: Dossier Negro” de Alan Moore y Kevin O'Neill/
“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier” by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill
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So I had this dream

Apparently I wish to know how a zombie apocalypse + superheroes (kinda) works.
I was running around kicking ass with Wolverine, Captain America, and who I believe to have been Dr Jekyll/Mr Hide from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He, of course was causing trouble. We had been in this place that seemed a lot like Woodbury from TWD. So natural we got the hell outta there, but then there was an explosion. Wolverine disappeared, but I pulled the Captain out, while Hide ran amuck, not too happy. The Cap and I made it to this school which was just too clean (iykwim). Then I woke up, but for it being a zombie apocalypse, I didn’t have many, if any zombies, but I still knew. It had that feeling. Usually when I dream of zombies, they everywhere and it ends with me getting trapped by hordes and then pulling the trigger, which is where I then wake up.

So I

I read the Leauge of Extrordinary Gentlemen last night. I mean, all the current ones, anyway. Up to Century 2009. And like, I REALLY FUCKING LIKE IT. I mean, I REALLY FUCKING LIKE IT. I just quite don’t understand the symbolism in making Harry Potter the AntiChrist, other than the jab at modern media ruining good literature. Is there something else I’m missing? I know it wasnt a jab at JK or her creations, that much seems obvious. But can someone tell me, what am I missing?