Luke telling Rey all about Kylo and what happened to him. Rey trying desperately not be curious, intensely resisting her curiosity. Rey hating that Luke calls him Ben, hating that he hasn’t given up on his nephew yet. Hating picturing Kylo as a little boy who was/is loved by his family who still want him back in spite of everything he has done, who have already forgiven him even though they are the ones he has hurt the most. Rey failing at every turn to keep Kylo in her head as a monster and not a human

Sold Out: The Act of Proxying

Did you enjoy the fun topics and silly things I was sharing? I hope so because now it’s back to stirring up storms, and this time it’s one of my least favorite things about this game, especially in EDH.


Proxying hurts not only you, but the players around you and the game of MTG itself; and it might be one of the most toxic habits you can develop. If you don’t own it – Don’t play it.

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