• What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: In Groundhog Day the Musical, the song "One Day" has the line "went back to her room and watched Ghostbusters 2", meaning that the musical exists in a universe where Bill Murray and Harold Ramis exist and have collaborated on films, such as the Ghostbusters series. However, it is impossible in this universe for the movie Groundhog Day, another collaboration between Murray and Ramis, to exist. However, Bill and Harold had a falling out during the making of Groundhog Day, and they didn't reconcile until shortly before Harold passed away. But if in the musical's universe, the movie was never made, would Bill and Harold still have had that fight? Would they have made a lot more movies together? How many great comedy films am I missing out on because I don't live in the universe in which Groundhog Day the Musical takes place? Did Tim Minchin have any idea what kind of effect his little shout-out would have on me?