The problem that INFJs have is that they are attracted to the prospect of being intellectuals in the cold and austere way that an INTJ is naturally good at. INFJs are attracted to the idea of sitting in some remote corner in isolation and figuring out how the world works.


Te-Fi vs. Ti-Fe

Te: It’s not always important to understand all the intricate details of a situation in order to gain a sense of logic or rationality. It’s more important to take action than to spend too much time asking questions. Logic is a fairly universally defined concept; you can see if a plan is efficient, a system works, data/facts support a statement, etc. The outcome is the most important concept of logic, and it is an objective measurement. 

Fi: However, it is important to recognize the subjectivity involved in morality. In fact, morality is a made-up concept created by humans and morals are inherently illogical. The most important part of moral values is the process of personal experience and questioning that goes along with it. We can’t just accept moral laws without personally questioning them and putting them into context of our own lives and beliefs. 


Ti: The most important part of logic is the internal process of reasoning for each individual. Exercising our intellect, questioning the rationality of a process, and being able to understand why we think certain things are logical or not is extremely important. We can’t just accept logic for how it appears on the surface, we have to personally understand why something makes sense. Everyone’s internal process of arriving at an answer is different. 

Fe: Fundamentally, humans have values in order to affect their outward and societal interactions. At the end of the day, it is more important how we treat each other and the people we decide to be than our internal debate about morality. There are certain qualities that we as humans have recognized and valued (ex: kindness, altruism, honesty) because there is a certain universality in morality. It would be pointless to debate the concept of morality and never act in a moral way, that is the most important outcome of the situation.