guys can you believe it?? because i can’t !!

man oh man i appreciate every single one of you and i love you all for reading my stuff and actually enjoying it (at least i hope you guys do). but i feel like this is a thing we need to celebrate!! so until the end of the week, i have decided to put imagines on hold and start doing match-ups.

the rules are simple; y’all send me a little description of your appearance/personality and i’ll do my best to match you up with a character from the maze runner and tell you why i think they’re the best fit for you.

i’m seriously excited for this! i want to thank you guys again for being amazing readers and for helping this blog grow so fast. i can’t emphasize enough how much this means to me and how amazing you guys are <3 i hope you guys look forward to the match-ups because i know i am ;))

NOTE: all current requests will be put on hold until this week of match-ups is over.