Abe looked around the small cell. The food and the water was the only thing they brought in daily. There was nothing else, nothing was coming in that could possibly drug him…

The thought hit him with a sudden feeling of complete dread. The air.

“Do you see that nice little vent up there?” Circe asked with a smile. “That’s connected to a very nice air filter that my husband built, just for you, that we can fiddle with however we like. For example, we can add a little extra of something once a day, right after you’ve had your dinner, and make you think it’s in what you eat to make you quickly drowse off.”

“It’s a lot more fun this way than just telling you from the start,” Loki added. “But you see, Abhijeet, we can control you completely, whenever we want to. It has been fun watching him trying to starve himself for a few days though, hasn’t it Älskling?

Circe nodded. “It really has. But you go eat your meal, Abe, it won’t have any difference on whether you will be my little test subject today or not.”


the veins beneath my eye
that trickle down to the sun
and lose themselves in whispers
of my trickling tongue
your fingernail smile
from all the bits i bite
your toothless gnawing headrest
that helps you sleep at night
your little bluebird daydream
that curses slivers of ice
you packed your bags and left 
you thought it would be nice

the wanderlust that bit
the ankles of my brother
that compelled him to walk
as if he were no other
the batting of his smile
that crept over his cheeks
as he looked upon his mother
and knew that he was weak
the miscellaneous sky
that slid around his bones
and told him he was tired
but not to go home

the pricking of the brain
that quakes with early lust
that never really left
that’s lost you all your trust
your agonising strain
to say your daily prayers
three times a day
to a god whose moans declares
that life is everlasting
in a pitch bent orgasm
the low decibel quiver
over a glacier chasm 



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Happy Birthday Brendon! 

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he’s so soft and lovely

we love you B!