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Cosplay: Clementine, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Reveling in Richonne

#48: The Walkie Talkies (7x7)

Ok so part of the fun and occasional frustration with this show is that it’s super subtle sometimes. One way that it’s fun and special tho is through the little Richonne Easter eggs and subtle moments that are planted in some episodes. 

So in 7x7 we were given a sweet Richonne moment without R&M even needing to be in the same scene or verbally acknowledge each other. There was still a Richonne connection all because of…those walkie talkies! (Those walkie talkies just keep on blessing us lol)

Now before canon, this might have been a moment I missed, but especially since the Richonne scene in 7x5 put me fully in the dumpster, I caught this Richonne Easter egg immediately lol. And I’d eventually see, once I found others who also revel in Richonne, that plenty of you caught the significance of the walkie talkies as well. That’s how I knew you were my people. 😋 

And let me tell you, you were not being over dramatic to make the connection between the walkie talkies and Richonne.

One thing I know from my screenwriting studies is that you do not linger on something in a scene unless it’s significant. If you give attention to something in the frame of a scene then it’s because you want the audience to notice and draw a conclusion. So this walkie talkie moment was very much intentional.  

But first, it’s really interesting that the scene starts with Michonne walking towards those burned mattresses.

And then she turns and looks back from where she came from, with a sad expression. As I thought about this, it made me reflect on when Michonne told Rick that she’d try in 7x4. 

Like initially I think she really did mean “I’m going to try and accept this new oppressive life we’re being forced to live.” but I feel like after seeing those burned mattresses the words “I’m gonna try” still rang true, they just have a different meaning now.

Now, Michonne is gonna try to get answers and find a way that they can fight back and win. She’s still gonna try, just in a different way than when it was first said. I think she looks back towards home because she’s feeling that pull of being both independent Michonne and family member Michonne. But for now, she still believes that perhaps the only option is for her to independently try and save their family, so she continues off on her own. 

And as Michonne walks through the forest, she looks like an effortless boss and queen, honey! Like mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fiercest of them all? She is. lol.

I adore the parallel callback to OG Michonne as the two walkers stumble out and follow behind her. Like this whole moment was just slayage all day every day. I remember when I heard Homegirl whistling, I was like…

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Lol I was turning up. Cuz first; Yes, Queen! You better draw out those walkers and just strut like you know full well you’re the baddest chick in the game! Go ahead, girl! And second; Saviors, you’re not the only ones who can whistle, lol😁. 

Saviors are also not the only ones who can block a road. 😂 I love that Michonne blocked that road all on her own when you know those Saviors needed whole squads just to do their blockades. It’s interesting that both Michonne and Rick can absorb some of the aspects of their enemies and then use it to their advantage. 👏🏽👏 

So Michonne slays these walkers with ease and then the camera focuses on the walkie talkie as she puts her katana down and goes to drag one of the walkers like the boss she is. 

When they cut to this shot, it’s kind of like the katana represents independent Michonne and the walkie talkie represents wife Michonne, and she has both. It’s her two sides finding a balance. Yes, she’s out here on her own taking care of business but she’s also got this device to keep her connected to her family and ready to come back home if need be. Balance. 🙌🏾

And then, as she drags this walker, the camera zooms in on the walkie talkie Rick gave her. 

This is not for not. Number one; it conveys that, even though Michonne is going her own way to figure things out, she still wants to be connected with Rick. Like it tells us she isn’t abandoning Rick by going out. Cuz she still has this walkie talkie so that, the minute she hears his voice, she can adjust whatever she’s doing to make a plan with him

And secondly this zoom in on Michonne’s walkie talkie was done to connect to the very next scene. This really becomes a Richonne moment when the scene immediately following this one is Rick startling awake and then grabbing his own walkie talkie. 

He holds this walkie talkie for 12 seconds, y'all. Like legit 12 seconds. To linger on a shot this long means there’s a statement they were trying to make. And there’s a lot of ways you can interpret this scene, but every way has to do with Michonne. 

(Side note: It’s super sweet that Rick has this walkie talkie within reaching distance while he sleeps cuz you know he’s constantly hoping to hear Michonne’s voice come through at any time)

Something I missed that others, much more astute than I, noticed is that Rick says the time is around 5:30am which is apparently the same time that was on the clock in R&M’s scene in East. (Y'all are the real MVPs for catching that 🙉)

And the parallel time is not a coincidence. It’s Rick being so used to waking up with Michonne that he’s now wired to wake up at this time. The director wants you to be thinking about Michonne in this scene. Why? Cuz Rick is thinking about Michonne in this scene, (and all the time lol)

I feel like maybe the possible purpose of this Rick moment is that first; we’re supposed to see Rick, who still feels very weighed down and stressed about their situation, startle awake (looking shooketh 😉 ) because he feels super unsettled about a whole lot right now. (And he doesn’t even know his wildn’ son is up in Negan’s crib yet 🙉

And then we get the reveal that it’s “Just past 5:30″ because the writers knew some Richonner would do the Lord’s work and connect that time to R&M’s scene in East for the rest of us who missed it. 😋

And so once you catch the significance of the time (of which I def did not initially lol) then you’re already thinking of Michonne and you can also tell Rick too realizes the significance of this time. Like when he realizes it’s around 5:30 that’s when he grabs the walkie talkie. So now whether you caught the time significance or not, when he grabs the walkie talkie it makes it very clear; Rick is thinking about Michonne.

The walkie talkie serves as the symbol of him wanting to be connected to her in this moment. Like it feels like his whole reaction is conveying that he just doesn’t feel right being away from her, so when he wakes up, at the time they usually wake up, he grabs the walkie talkie hoping to be close to her in some way shape or form cuz she’s on his mind and they’re just magnets like that. 😉  It’s like, in this unsettling time, Rick turns to the thing that represents the woman who centers him. 

That’s my theory but, honestly, y’all probably have even better theories than mine tho. 😋 All I know is whatever reason it was done this way, was a Richonne reason. Rick grabbing that walkie talkie the way he did and at the time he did is the director and cinematographer letting us know that both R&M have the other on their mind in some way rn. But what’s new? 😉 

Plus, last time we saw R&M was in 7x5 and the walkie talkie was one of the focal points of that scene. So I think not only do they want us to make the connection between R&M, but they want us to be thinking about that kiss of life scene (ugh what a burden to have to do that lol 😋 ) and linking it with where they’re at in 7x7 so that you feel like, as much as R&M are doing separate things rn, they are still bound by that love we saw in 7x5.

This is the only Richonne connection we get in this episode but when you’re trash it’s more than enough lol. Like we know that Rick and Michonne always have each other on their mind but what the walkie talkies so subtly told us is that, especially after the kiss of life (A.T.K.O.L?), they are thinking about each other more than ever and understandably so. 

Both Rick and Michonne are outside these walls rn trying to fight for each other in their own way. And the walkie talkies let us know that not only are they still very much connected even when physically far apart, but also that they actively want to be connected as well. 

I love that this moment links them and gives us some Richonne goodness without even having them together in the same scene. It was such a seemingly small moment and yet I’m over here analyzing it like the show is called “The Walking Talkies” 😂 No shame lol.

And can we also take a moment to just talk about the Michonne gold that we get in this 7x7 episode? Like it’s so good! Rick’s got himself the baddest wife on the planet, y’all. 🏽🙌

First, I adore that when that Red Head Savior tries to try her by asking, “What next? You want my shoes?”,Michonne actually looks down at the chick’s shoes to throw some low key…

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I live! And when she tells Red Head to take her to Negan (which, no lie, I was like “Homegirl, what? Take you to who? Your son, Carl, is already wildn out with Negan rn, we can’t have both of you up in the Sanctuary” lol but at the same time I was like she’s wise and a boss so she’ll be fine 👸) and Michonne is waiting for the chick to start driving and the way Michonne says, “Start it up. Let’s go”. *lives even more* 😂

And then, y’all, Red Head wants to try it one more again and stop the car and attempt (emphasis on attempt) to take the gun from the queen but Michonne shuts that down with a quickness, while looking at Red like “Did no one tell you? You’re dealing with Michonne to the Grimes, boo.” *lives forever* Lol. 😂 

It was all so good. Her few scenes in 7x7, just let you know, once again, Michonne is the baddest chick in the game and the whole time I was snapping saying “That’s that queen!”. 👸🏾👏🏽🙌🏾  Like her scenes were sprinkled with Black Girl Magic and this was me as I watched Sis slaying every moment…

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I was too here for it 🙌 . I appreciated this episode cuz we got some Rick, we got some Michonne, and we got some wildn Carl realizing that he needs to seriously stop wild’n out cuz it’ll only result in things like Negan sitting on your porch holding your baby sister. 🙉

All and all, 7x7 was actually a really good episode to me, and this walkie talkie connection was one of the major reasons why. 😋


Summary: Adalynn was taken from her family by the man in black, will she give in or fight?


I want to thank @kellyn1604 for helping me so much <3


Chapter Warnings: Abuse, swearing, nakedness

Chapter Summary: It’s been weeks since Adalynn has seen Negan, weeks since a punishment, but Adalynn is in for a surprise. 

Part 1: Chained.

Part 2: Please, Negan.

Part 3: A promised punishment. 

I’m thinking of taking requests for this fic, ive never done this before and willing to try it out, I have the story planned out but if there is things like how Adalynn and Denny first met or whatever, i might be able to add it to the story. 

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No, I don’t want to read the comic.

Was just talking with my cousin about how in the comic, Michonne is the black woman who can’t be the love interest. She is the best friend, that all the other men (just about) get to sleep with, but not Rick. Never Rick.

Just like, on the show, Tyrese and Carol couldn’t be together. We really think America is ready to see petite little Melissa McBride all hugged up with big, fine ass Chad Coleman? Carol, who they ADORE? Hell naw. 

I’m good watching the show. At least in the show, Michonne is where she needs to be, her character is love interest, best friend, moral support, queen, soul mate, perfect match. Andy is Danai and Richonne’s champion, and I will stay here in this happy place.