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The Covenant

Hey Everyone!

This weekend Chris was showing me some of the apps that he has on our Roku and he told me that there is a free movie app called Crackle.. Obviously I had to check it out. 

I noticed The Covenant was listed as a free film and I seriously haven’t seen this film in almost a decade; so I decided to re-watch it. 

‘The Covenant’

Currently on Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes it is rated rotten 3% (Critics) and fresh 62% (Users)

There was five families that were witches, One of the bloodlines was banished for wanting to be the powerful one within the group. 

Caleb (Steven Strait), Pogue (Taylor Kitsch), Tyler (Chace Crawford) and Reid (Toby Hemingway) are the remaining descendent of a witch bloodline. 

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They all have magic powers that they are gifted with; however, once they reach the age of 18 their powers become much stronger. 

The fifth missing bloodline comes back to collect their powers from once they received their freshly brewed powers. 

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If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can catch it below. 

Without giving away any spoilers; Let’s continue…

What I struggled with on this film.

Back in 2006 this was a pretty neat film, but now watching it the graphics were pretty horrible. 

There is this one scene in the very beginning, where Caleb jumps from the edge of the cliff to arrive at the party and when he lands it was very similar to Selene’s jump in Underworld.

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Also, I was also trying to figure out why there was this one scene where Caleb was in bed with his shirt off and he was dripping with sweat and he calls his friend Pogue and he as well was dripping in sweat with his shirt off. 

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Y’all need to invest in a AC unit or a ceiling fan or something.. 

There was also a lot of cheesy fight scenes.. 


Steven Strait is pretty easy on the eyes in this film, so thats a perk ;)

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This was also the first film that I can recall seeing Sebastian Stan.

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There was a couple interesting scenes in this film…

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Nightmares were made of this…

I’m not a fan of spiders, and there was a whole scene of Spiders everywhere. 

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Overall Thoughts

I think I recall seeing something on the Crackle regarding the film description that this is the male version of ‘The Craft’ which at first I really didn’t put the two together; and now I can totally see it. (Compare to the above movie poster)

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This film does have a lot of drama, but I think Sebastian explains why in one word. 

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Chris’s Rating : N/A

Stina’s Rating : 6.5

Suitable for a Date: Nah, He wont be interested in this film. 
Suitable for Children: Im going to say no.
Suitable for Girls Night: Sure.. Most of the guys in this film have their shirt off 

You’re welcome in advance, ladies… 

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10 years ago I watched this movie and was introduced to Sebastian Stan. Also one of my favorite movies 😊 #sebastianstan #chasecollins #thecovenant

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