One of the things about the original Dishonored was that, in order to get “the good ending” you needed to kill as little people as possible. The downside to that was you couldn’t use many of your powers which involved killing people in various creative and fun ways.

A lot of fans hated that and felt it was bad game design, not realizing the thematic purpose behind that choice. Yes, you couldn’t use your powers. But they were powers you received from a deal with the devil.

Not only was the Outsider, the story, and the difficulty tempting you to fall into corruption and slaughter everyone, but the gameplay itself was as well.


“Rivers change course over many lifetimes, and eventually all bridges tumble down. A thousand years ago there was another city on this spot. The people carved the bones of whales and inscribed them with my Mark. Children still find them washed up in the river-mud.”