TGI Ep 8 Liveblog
  • “i know everbodys secrets. i was head bitch in my high school cheerleading squad”
  • 8 year plan for getting together with emma - ok am i imagining this but was this not a plotline of “suite life of zack and cody” 
  • “twenty bucks says one of those hikers was a dude” “eh, they’re all beautiful”
  • “clark? isn’t mason a little out of his league?”
  • “lets hang each other!” my idea of a good time tbh
  • “i didn’t volunteer. oh, she’s hot! i volunteer”
  • “amy is my oldest friend. she 30.”
  • “you’re showing no emotion, how is this possible?” “im british” honestly……accurate
  • “hey, man up, wuss” *10 seconds later*  “….remember when i called you a wuss? im really sorry about that”
  • “I’ve been dumped by 9 women, and I’ve only dated 5 of them”
  • “overthinking!” me too
  • “have you tried… dating? dammit clark”
  • “no, im interested, i just need new words!” me


i think we can all agree that one vaguely transphobic joke definitely shouldn’t have been in there tho - it wasn’t funny and lbr, doesnt really help the show’s reputation :/

TGI - Ep 9
  • esther is still the best
  • “nah you screwed up brooke” “we should totally know how to camp” “we’re a disgrace to the magazine” 
  • “don’t believe all the rumours” “i don’t think people talk about you as much as you think they do”
  • “good news, dry humps!” thats how im gonna greet literally everyone from now on
  • “its good to be back in the wild again… for the first time” me
  • “first I’ve never been more turned on” emma: “me neither” UMMM BI EMMA 2K17 ANYONE??
  • “i actually hate camping” “*gasp* you are no son of mine”
  • “and we used your book.” “really?” “yeah, we used it in this fire, see?”
  • “i’ll tell you the story of our first divorce. it all began with…NO PRENUP”

also this has made me realise i actually missed the last episode :/