*whispers I finally drew some KH fanart after all these years. I remember why I haven’t until now.* Another 1 layer drawing because these are starting to get really addicting. I spent like 2 hours? Attempt at some sort of realism or smth idc anymore. I’m playing 358/2 days I can’t get over Axel’s stupidity atm, like damn.

In The Fellowship Of The Ring when the company gets to Lothlorien, Legolas has to answer a lod of questions asked by Haldir and his Elfy buddies, right? Because Gimli is there and they are like “ew dwarves get it out of here" 

What the hell does Legolas say to convince them he’s okay? I know Frodo gets on Gimli’s defence calling him brave and dependable but. They want to talk to Legolas about him. 

So what does he say?

"He’s not so bad, isn’t a complete dick or anything. He isn’t chopping any trees down or any of that shit so he’s not totally bad. If you prompt him sometimes he sings??? Which is kinda nice. We’re Elves, we like singing.”

???? Tolkien I want to know.


The council of Elrond

Reasons why I love this scene

  • The way Elrond says Mordor is brill (like seriously i would buy a loop of him saying it over and over)
  • Gandalf’s bad ass speech, no one messes with Gandalf
  • Did Elrond just face palm
  • At one point you say the ring say “doom of man” and it just sounds out of place
  • Legolas gets testy
  • Gimli’s magic re- appearing axe
  • “One does not simply walk into Mordor” It sounds like a prophecy, you have to admit it
  • Frodo bless him he only says like 14 words
  • Elrond. That gif. omg.
  • Just…Pippin, why u so cute
  • MISSION QUEST THING (the accent, I can’t )
  • The frickin’ fellowship is formed
  • fin