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can u list all kiho moments where Kihyun is feeding Wonho and vice versa? (: thanks

oh god sorry this took so long to do fml :/ also i might not list all moments since i always go by what’s on my blog already but let’s get it. and bc i’m extra ima rank it

#1 - the iconic kihyun feeding wonho trope listen i can’t express enough how much i love how kihyun’s leaning, opening his own mouth as he’s feeding wonho and wanting to watch shownu and changkyun but also making sure he’s feeding wonho properly we love domestic bfs

#2 - i just love this one, like the way ki turned around with that smile on his face and wonho got up all cutely and he extra dripped in sauce for wonho really just deck me or smth

#3 - this is adorable okay they been at this kihyun feeding wonho thing for a long time now like it’s their thing. around kihyun wonho suddenly can’t feed himself he just can’t.

#4 - firstly lets appreciate how domestic this is dispatch really got my back. second this one just makes me laugh bc wonho’s holding on to food and kihyun’s just like “nah hoseok i’m feeding you” mood really. i’m also minhyuk minding his own damn business 

#5 - i’m including this bc this is technically them feeding each other :/ this remains one of the greatest kiho mystery because they were all meant to have gone home for chuseok?? but then the same day or day after i can’t remember, pretty sure it was the same day they posted this?? and i died or smth.


havernon’s grove

You step out from the tree, and find yourself amidst a dense forest- but the cold air is gone. It’s warm, like summer, and your eyes take a moment to adjust before you see birds flitting in and out of the trees, flowers cropping up from the ground. Everywhere around you is lush and green, seemingly untouched by the harsh winter everywhere else in Imura. 

You’ve never been here before, but it feels like home.


6/26に開催されるトランスファンケット15に参加します! 配置は4FのB02 Tackle Boxです。 ビーストウォーズ20周年を記念してBWイラスト本出します!過去絵少々と新作で20P前後のフルカラーイラスト本になる予定です。 後日、価格やサンプルなど詳細お知らせいたします。よろしくお願いします。