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Hiya! You run a great blog. <3 TFP Soundwave is my fav (truly superior), and I was wondering if you had any angst headcanons with him? But to contrast Soundwave's sadness, could I also ask for some cute little friendship headcanons with his human s/o and Lazerbeak? Thank you! Hope your day is going great!!

Thank you very much! I hope you have a great day too! :D

TFP Soundwave:

  • He knows one day that you’re going to leave; he’ll outlive you. He makes sure to take plenty of photographs and videos of you, as a reminder
  • When he dreams, many of them are horribly graphic memories from the war and the pits, but often you’ll be there too. He never manages to save you in time
  • Quite possibly, to save you from Megatron, he’ll abandon you back on Earth (or perhaps leave you for the Autobots)

TFP Laserbeak:

  • Sometimes Soundwave deploys him to keep you company, if he’s particularly busy
  • Laserbeak will let you ride on him, and fly you around the ship - so long as you’re not afraid of heights
  • Surprisingly, he likes to play with laser pointers, and enjoys messing around with you if neither of you are busy

 I dunno, season 2 wasn’t that bad but it felt like too much of a jumble of things compared to season 1.  Too much plot fixing mcguffins and farfetched plot elements (lookin at you traumatic sparksuperpowers).

 I still enjoyed the season but damn its hard when the bar has already been high and it just quite doesn’t hit the same tune as before quality wise. 

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If it's not too much trouble, may I request romantic headcanons for polyamorous Breakdown, Knock Out, and their human s'o?

Poly TFP Knockout and Breakdown:

  • While Breakdown tries to be extremely gentle with you, Knockout is a little rougher. He’s always careful not to hurt you though
  • Knockout likes to kiss your neck and throat, while Breakdown prefers to kiss your cheeks and hands
  • They both like to show off for you (and each other), and usually flaunt their fighting skills if they know one of you is watching

Tayo ay muling magbabanda
Tutugtog at kakanta ng may takip sa mukha
Para hindi nila makita ang pagtulo ng luha sa ating mga mata
Dahil naaalala nanaman natin ang nakaraang nasira
Na ngayon ay isinasaliw na sa musika
Na ngayon ay isa ng kanta

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Could I request a tfp optimus scenario in which a particularly feisty human s/o has been captured and needs rescuing? (thank you so much for making/running this blog btw <3!)

Thank you so much!! <3

They’d sure taken their time in getting to you. Even from your cell on board the Nemesis, you could hear heavy footsteps and the sounds of blaster fire, indicating to you that the Autobots had made it on board. Hopefully, it shouldn’t take them too long to actually find you.

It didn’t, for a moment later the gunshots emanated from right outside the cell door, before it was kicked open.

Now, in the smoking doorway, guns drawn and mouth guard in place, stood Optimus Prime. Your sparkmate.

“Took your time, babe.” You sneered, though relief flooded through your veins; “I almost kicked Starscreams ass before you got here.”

The tall mech quirked an optic ridge, kneeling down to offer his palm, “I do not doubt that for a moment, [Name]. I apologise for keeping you waiting.”

You wasted no time in stepping on, and he returned to his full height.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s get outta here.” He nodded, and you grinned up at him widely, 

“I can watch you kick his ass instead!”

thanks [mishacollins] for the assistance

1k words

“What are you doing?”

Jensen doesn’t answer. He disappears into the bathroom of his trailer and turns the sink on.

Misha follows him and leans against the doorjamb. There’s really not enough space for both of them in the bathroom, but sue him - Jensen left the door open.

“What are you doing?” Misha repeats as he watches Jensen dunk his head under the sink.

When he pops back up, he looks at Misha through the mirror and responds, “Shaving.”

“Funny, I didn’t know it was customary to drench your head before shaving your face.”

“Gotta cut my hair, too. Don’t feel like showering.”

“Mm, shame.”

Jensen turns to glare at him. “Dude, you know we can’t both fit.”

“You can’t discount something you’ve never tried.”

Jensen rolls his eyes and picks up a straight razor.

“Really? You want it that close?” Misha can’t help himself. He crowds Jensen against the sink and reaches for his hand. Once Misha has the razor in his grasp, Jensen lets go easy. “You won’t have any stubble left.”

“I know how to shave my own face, Mish. Been playing Dean a long time.” He snatches the razor back.

Misha raises his hands in surrender and steps back again. He watches attentively as Jensen rubs shaving cream into his beard. For the next few minutes, the soft sound of blade cutting hair is the only thing breaking the silence between them. They make eye contact through the mirror a few times before Misha pulls out his phone to distract himself.

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