You walked into the cafeteria. You were overwhelmed , as if finding a seat in the over sized cafeteria wasn’t enough , you were a new senior. You felt your heart race as you looked around for an empty table. You spotted one soon enough … just one problem , there was an extremely hot guys sitting there. You bit the inside of your cheek and walked over to the table slowly. You didn’t even make a noise and he turned around with a smile. “ Hello “ He smiled , turning his whole body towards you. “ Um Hi. “ You waved awkwardly. Wow he was beautiful…

“ Um I’m Y/N. I-I’m new here. I uh sorta have no were to sit. Do you mind if I sit with you ? “ You asked nervously while fixing your bag on your shoulder. “ Uh sure of course! “ He smiled , scooting over. “ I’m Scott. “ He blushed lightly. “ I’m Y/N… well I mean you already know that cause I uh told you … “ You rambled on while looking down. “ It’s ok. “ He smiled , gazing at you.

let’s be sneaky.

inspired by

“You think you’ll be alright alone here tonight?” Scott questioned as he shoved various things into his backpack. Looking around the empty house, you clasped your hands together with a quick nod of your head.

“Yes, Scott. I will be perfectly fine. Mom’s working the night shift, you’re spending the night at Kira’s, and I’ll finally have the house to myself.” You grinned up at him, trying to take some of his worries away.

Scott always seemed to be worrying about you, especially more now since he’s added Liam into his pack.  He was so stressed out about turning someone that he just had to have control over everything from that point on.  He hardly let you out of his sight, which was slightly annoying.

You loved the fact that your older brother was looking out for you, always making sure you’re okay, but you still wanted time to just be.

Scott had his eyebrows raised at the sound of your words.  Setting his bag on the table, he looked down at you with a raised eyebrow.  “What do you plan on doing with the house to yourself?” Probably invite my boyfriend over for some wild sex.


“You know, watch movies, order a pizza, finally use that facial stuff dad got me months ago.” You grinned up at him. He nodded his head slightly, doing a mental checklist of what he had in his bag and what else he may need.

“I really don’t feel too good about leaving you here.  Maybe I should call Lydia, see if she wouldn’t mind hanging out here until mom gets home.” You fought the urge to roll your eyes at how overprotective he was being right now.

Scott. I’m 16; I can handle staying alone for a little bit.” The sound of your phone dinging filled the kitchen.  You quickly looked down at the screen, reading over the message that Liam, your boyfriend of three months, had sent you.


-I’ll be over like really soon. Did Scott leave yet?


Quickly typing back your reply, you slid your phone into your back pocket.  You needed to get Scott to hurry up and leave.

You and Liam had been together for 3 months.  You two first met a few days after he was bitten.  He sat behind you in Biology, but you didn’t notice him until you saw him hanging around Stiles’ jeep.  It wasn’t your idea to keep your relationship from your brother, it was Liam’s.  He figured that Scott wouldn’t like the fact his beta was dating his sister.

Liam was all about staying on Scott’s good side.

“Just go, Scott.  You and Kira need to hang out together without having to worry and everything.  I’ll be fine and if I’m not, I’ll call you.” Your hands were on his back now, ushering him towards the door.

“Goodbye, McCall.” You reached your hand up to pat his shoulder. He smiled down at you, leaning down to press a quick kiss to your cheek.

“Alright, little sis, be safe. Don’t go around wandering the streets. I love you.” He opened up the door, finally heading out. You decided to walk outside with him, just to see if Liam was anywhere in sight.

“I love you too.” You answered, your eyes wandering around the streets as Scott jumped up on his bike.  You listened as he revved the engine a few times, sending you one final wave before speeding off down the road.

Not wanting to go back inside and then have to get back up to open the door, you waited on the front steps for Liam to arrive.  He was riding up on his bike within three minutes.  Without a word, he chucked it to the floor, rushing up the steps and taking hold of your face in his hands.

“Princess,” He breathed, leaning down to press his lips against yours fully.  You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your lips as he kissed you. Your lips moved together in perfect sync, his hands slowly leaving your face to rest on your hips.

Your arms wrapped around his neck, slowly pulling back from his lips to look up into his icy blue eyes. “Well hello there.” You laughed out, sliding your hands down to feel the muscles on his back.

“I missed you.” He mumbled out, his hands sliding down to give your ass a firm squeeze.  You couldn’t help the desperate moan that left your lips following his actions.  “Like so much.” He added, before leaning back down, placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

“Let’s go inside, I can show you just how much I missed you.” Slowly pulling back from his embrace, you grabbed onto his hand, leading him back into the house.  You were quick to shut the door behind the two of you, leaning up on your toes to place another wet kiss to Liam’s lips.

Just as he attempted to turn the small kiss into something more, you pulled back making your way over to the couch. By the sound of heavy footsteps behind you, you knew that Liam was following.  “Sit down there for me, baby.” You grinned, reaching down for the hem of your shirt, pulling it up and over your head, revealing your pale pink lace bra to his greedy eyes.

Liam wasted no time with getting down on the couch. He mimicked your actions with removing his shirt, revealing his well cared for torso to you.  Biting down on your lip slightly, you leaned forward until the both of you were face to face.  Your hand went down to rest on his lower stomach, your fingers run through the hair on his happy trail.

A low growl left his lips, his arm moving forward to grab a handful of your ass.  Liam created a firm grip on your bottom, pulling your body closer to his in order to press his lips against yours.  He was quick to push his tongue into your mouth, gaining the dominance he so rightfully deserved.

Your hand was making its way lower and lower on his body, until the tips of your fingers were in his boxers. Breaking away from the kiss, you grabbed hold of the hem of his sweats, tugging them down his legs along with his boxers.

As you lowered his bottoms, you brought your body down too until you were face to face with his erection.  You could feel the throb in your pussy at the sight of it, your tongue running across your lips just because of it.

He was so damn huge.

“You think you can get all of it in your mouth this time?” He spoke with a cocky smirk on his face, reaching his hands up, settling them at the back of his head.  He looked down at you, his eyebrows raised and his lip tucked between his teeth.

“Don’t make me just leave you here.” You warned with a stern look before leaning down to press a soft kiss to the tip. You watched as he shuddered under your touch, a small smirk spreading across your lips.  While wrapping your hand around his shaft, you took the tip into your mouth, sucking on it harshly as you pumped your hand up and down his length.

His breathing was starting to get heavier.  Opening up your mouth a little bit, you let your tongue slip out, running over the tip of his cock.  His hand reached out forward, pushing your head further down, urging you on to take more of his dick into your mouth.

Allowing your mouth to open up a bit wider, you took all you could take until you could feel the tip at the back of your throat.  Hallowing your cheeks in, you quickly began bobbing your head up and down, creating a suction feeling as you moved.  You kept your hand wrapped around the part of his cock that you couldn’t fit into your mouth, jerking that little bit in your palm.

“Fuck, ( Y/N ).” Liam growled, thrusting his hips up towards your mouth.  Slowly lifting your eyes to look up at him, a moan left your lips at the sight of his glowing yellow eyes.  Your hand rested down on his thigh as you pulled back. You opened up your mouth wide, dropping your head back down.  You kept on going, ignoring your gag reflex.

A satisfied sigh left your lips once you realized you had taking all of Liam’s length into your mouth.  You were quick to pull back, keeping just the tip in your mouth as your hand moved down to his balls, squeezing and massaging them in your palm.

Liam’s fangs were digging into his lip and you were afraid he might strike blood.  You could feel his claws against the skin of your arms, but you continued to do what you were doing, determined to get him to cum.

“I’m not checking on you, (Y/N). I just forgot my bag,” You heard the familiar voice of your brother come from the front door.  Before you could react, the door was being pushed open.  Your wide dark brown eyes were met with your brother’s as he stared at the scene before you.

Quickly, you shoved your body away from Liam, not wanting to make this worse.  From the corner of your eye, you could see Liam scrambling to cover himself up.

“What the fuck, Liam!” Scott was shouting at your boyfriend who had just got his jeans secured at his hips again. You were too stunned to get up and find your shirt.  It was like you were stuck.

“You’re fucking my sister, seriously? That’s my baby sister! You even wolfed out on her, what the fuck.” Scott growled as he took a look at Liam’s transformed self.  Why hadn’t he changed back!?


“Scott…” I spoke out, pulling myself from the floor.  I had a feeling if I didn’t intervene, things would get bad and I was in no mood to break up a wolf fight.

“I don’t want to talk to you right now, ugh. I’m just going to get my bag and go back to Kira’s.  Carry on.” He spat, walking into the kitchen to grab his bag.  He left without another word to the either of us, the sound of his bike leaving the driveway filling both of our ears.

“Well so much for our little secret.”


Lydia & Parrish • Crazy in Love •

Save Me- Liam Imagine

Pairing: Liam x Reader

You and Liam encounter a chimera (but something goes terribly wrong).

You and your best friend, Liam, were both walking home from his first lacrosse game at Beacon Hills High School. “You did great tonight Liam.” You said. “Well I couldn’t do it without you, (y/n).” You looked at him and saw him licking his lips while smiling. A blush crept to your cheeks. You two always had the flirty friendship and you both knew very well that you liked each other. “Listen (y/n), I know that we-” he was cut off by a loud screeching noise that came from behind you. You felt a pair of hands pull you back. Liam started fighting the other creature. Everything came like a blur. Your heart stopped the second you saw Liam get slashed in the face. He fell to the ground next to you. You looked back to see if the chimera was still there, but it was long gone. Tears started to shed as you saw Liam losing consciousness. You cradled him in your arms. “Help! Somebody help me! Please!” You yelled. You choked on your own tears. “It’s going to be okay Liam. I promise.” You finally heard Scott in a distance. “Scott! Help me please!” As he came into view he called 911. “Hello? Yes….we need help….yes…near Beacon Hills High School…okay thank you.” He quickly kneeled down next to Liam and took away most of the pain until you told him to stop. “What happened?” He asked looking at his injured beta. “A chimera attacked us….” A tear shed as the images flooded back into your mind. You heard sirens in the distance and looked back at Liam. “It’s going to be okay. I love you.” ____________________________________ Should I do a Part 2?!??!?
Those five minutes.

Fandom: Teen Wolf.
Word Count: 1763.
Character(s): Jordan Parrish x OFC
Genre: Drama.
Warnings: Sadness, death, cheating, Parrish being a fool. 

Based on this imagine from Imagines Teen Wolf.

At first it was a hunch. She waited for Jordan for hours. But he never appeared until late in the night, when she was sleeping, and he left before she woke up. Sometimes she could find him at the station and they could eat together, but it was not usually since he told her he had too much work and could not get distracted. The same words in her mind: “My poor baby, he must be tired”.

She didn’t want to believe what her heart was trying to say in that moment, but she had to do it. She had to stop hurting herself remembering how he used to look at her, hold her and kiss her. All that was reaching its end, even if she liked or not, and remember that was just killing her slowly. So slowly that it seemed not to had and end. And an end was what she needed. What she was going to do. End that suffering, and leaving and never come back.

But again, she was not sure that he was cheating on her and it was easier for her to not believe – even with all the evidences there were. No, no, she needed to saw it with her own eyes or at least, talk with Jordan about it. She knew that he would never lay to her, much less in her face. Yes, even if the answer was yes and he has been cheating on her with that little pretty slut … No. She was not prepared for the answer to be yes.

It wasn’t an easy task for her. She was in love with Jordan since they were in high school. She waited for him when he joined the army. She moved with him when he wanted to go to Beacon Hills. She has lived for and to him. Since ever. That was the reason for which she has waited weeks since she discovered the truth. But she could not wait more, cause she was moving to New York that night. Even when in first hand she had thought not telling him, just leave, she was not that cruel and, unless him, she was not a traitor. No, no, calm yourself, she said in her mind over and over again. She could not be angry when she talked with him, for it would be embarrassing for them both, and she didn’t want that.

Laura still had hope that it was a misunderstanding, that was why she was there, in the station, looking for Jordan to talk with him. She was sure - at least she wanted to be - that at the end of the day both of them would be laughing at the stupid situation. She knew she could trust Jordan - he was her fiancée and deserve the benefit of the doubt.

She sighed and walked inside the station.

And in the door she froze.

Jordan was kissing Lydia as if she was the more precious treasure in the world. She was sure that he had never kissed her that way. But once more, she was nothing. At least, it was how she felt in that very moment. She didn’t knew how much time had passed until Jordan looked up from the kiss and saw her. It was when she went back to her car. She could feel the tears falling from her eyes and could listen him daring to call after her. Quickly, she entered the car and locked the doors.

“Laura, I can explain, please, open the door!” he exclaimed, but she was not listening.

She put off her compromise ring and opened the door. Jordan was kneeling before her. Tears in his eyes. How he dare, the selfish coward. She reached his hand and let the ring fell into it. Then, once again, she shut the door and locked it before drive back to their house.

Too much work. I am tired. Better in Sunday. Not today, love. The whole thing about what I am. I cannot put you in danger. Please believe me when I say I am sick of the work. I miss you too, baby.

How could she believe all that shit? How could she had been so stupid? So blind? Since they started to live in Beacon Hills, he had developed feelings towards Lydia. And she had waited all that time just to get her heart broken in a million pieces. Just for look like a stupid … whore. It was the truth. He was only in house when he wanted to had sex. She was a whore for him. How he dare? How?  After all that time, all the pain.

I should have known. All the time he had spent with her, looking after her like she was made of glass and he needed to protect her. It was not an innocent friendship. He loves her. He for sure thinks about her when he fucks me. I’m not enough, I am just a whore.

She had tried to stop crying, but she could not. She was losing her focus. She was driving to nowhere. The last thing she saw before everything went black was the other car collided with her own. The sound of wheels skidding in her memory and one last tear falling.

Eight weeks later.

She had been in coma for eight weeks. The accident hadn’t mortal victims, but Laura was not well. It was a miracle that she had survived.

For eight weeks, Jordan has been seated at her side in the bed, talking to her, begging her to wake up and back to him. In a moment of weakness, he had confessed the truth to her.

“It happened when we were training. I swear I never slept with her. Just one kiss here or there in punctual moments. Never nothing serious. That’s the reason I have been avoiding you. I felt, I still feeling, like a coward, like a traitor. I can’t deny that I feel something for her, but I don’t know what it is, nevertheless, I know what I feel for you, Laura, and it is love. I have been in love for you since I have 14. After all this years, you’re still being my anchor, the person I love and I trust, and I swear that if you wake up, I will do it right. I will do my best to be the best husband for your and the best father for our child. I’ll be better, Laura, but I need you to come back. I need you by my side because if I lose you, I will have nothing I really care about. I need you, Laura Parrish. Please, back to me”, he cried.

But she didn’t wake up.

Melissa had tried to talk to him, but it seemed impossible. When someone told him that she was not about to wake up, not then, not never, he started to scream.

She is going to wake up, you’ll see, was what he told everyone.

She didn’t.

When he had lost all hope and was about to go home, she moaned in pain.

“Laura?” he asked, hopefully.

“Hm” she could not talk.

Jordan called for Melissa. When she entered the room, the doctor before her, she asked to Jordan to left, for it will be easier without him being a nuisance. Reluctantly, he waited outside the room for what seemed ages, but were a couple of hours. He was getting impatient. Ironically, he had fell asleep twice while waiting.

The picture of Laura in the station, when she discovered his affair, hunted him when he closed his eyes. Nevertheless, he knew he deserved the suffering, and that was the reason for which he never allowed himself to wake up.

“Jordan?” the soft voice of Melissa called.

“Is she wake up?”

“Yes. She can talk now. She wants to see you”.

She is going to hate me for the rest of her life and I know I deserve it but I cannot live without her and I need her to know that. Stupid Jordan, it is all your fault. She is not going to believe you, she had no reason to do such a thing. You have destroyed everything and know she is going to say to you that she is going to leave for London or New York or some far away city because she hates you and she wants to be as much away as she can of you….

His thoughts were interrupted for someone coughing.

She looked sick, even death. No, fool! Don’t think that! he told himself. He smiled. At least he tried, he could not for when he looked at her, he could not help but felt guilty. It was all his fault.


“Laura … Before you say anything … I want you to know that I have been thinking and that now I know that -”

“Shut up. I know. You have been telling me that for weeks”.

“No, you don’t know. You can’t know how much in love I am with you”.

“I know Jordan. And I love you too. I’ll stay here with you forever. You always could find me here”.


“I will always been here waiting for you, Jordan Parrish. In that place, early in the morning when you had wake up, but you still can remember the dream. In those five minutes or so, I’ll be there. Loving and waiting for you, until you join me”.

He woke up screaming and sweating. Still listening her voice, but conscious that she was not there. Conscious that she had died six months ago, in an accident, after she discovered that he was cheating on her. Conscious that, the reason of her accident was that she was crying and could not focus on the way. He was the reason of her death. He couldn’t stop the tears from falling from his eyes, he didn’t even tried to wipe them away.

He was in that moment, when someone wake up, where he can still remember the dream, but he is wake up at the same time. He was in those five minutes or so, where her voice still could reach his ears, and her smile never faltered. Where she still loved him, and she never had gone from his side. Where she would wait for him, and where he would be loving her, until he joined her forever. He was there, remembering her smiling face.

Full Form- Teen Wolf Imagine

Pairing: None

The Dread Doctors take you and turn you into a full werewolf.

You woke up on a metal table. You tried to look at your surroundings but it was too dark. Both your wrists and ankles were strapped down so you couldn’t move.

You suddenly saw movement at the corner of your eye. Your breathing became ragged as you saw three guys in masks appear. They were known as the Dread Doctors.

“Stay away from me.” You yelled, tugging at the restraints.

One of them went to go get something while the other two were holding you down.

“No no no!” You tried to wriggle free but you knew that it was useless.

The doctor came back with a needle and brought it down to your arm, penetrating your skin. Then the last thing you remembered was a bag being wrapped around your head.

*time skip*

You woke up on a park bench all sweaty. You looked at your surroundings and realized that it must be night. You touched the place where the needle was injected and found that claws have replaced your nails. You went to the only place you knew would offer help.

*another time skip*

You walked inside and called for the certain someone you were looking for.

“Dr. Deaton are here? Dr. Deaton!” You walked around the Animal Clinic trying to find him.

“I’m in here!” You followed the voice and finally found him looking through some tools.

“(Y/n) it’s almost around midnight, why are you here?” He looked at you with a smile. But it quickly washed away as he saw your facial expression.

You showed him the claws and gave a gulp.

“I-I don’t know what’s happening…” Your hands started to shake.

“Do you know who bit you?” You shook your head.

“No one bit me….they injected me with something, the Dread Doctors.”

“Well learning how to retract your claws will take some time I’m sure-” you quickly interrupted him.

“They won’t retract Deaton!” He gave you a puzzled look.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

You felt fangs come out.

“I mean…I think…they are trying to turn me into…a full werewolf forever.”

“Okay….I’m going to call Scott and Stiles, maybe they can help.” He said.
You quickly looked at him with wide eyes.

“No you can’t! I can’t let them see me like this.” There was a moment of silence before I made my decision.

“I’m going to move away from Beacon Hills. Somewhere where I can’t hurt anyone.” He nodded.

“Don’t tell anyone about this or where I am.” You walked out of the clinic and ran into the woods not saying one last goodbye to your best friends.