“The man to my right started telling me about all the ways that the internet is degrading the English language. He brought up Facebook and he said: "to defriend, I mean is that a real word?”. I wanna pause on that question: what makes a word ‘real’?“- Anne Curzan, What makes a word "real”? TEDxUofM [x]


Jamila Lyiscott: 3 ways to speak English (via TED)

“You’re so articulate” is one of those unintentionally offensive compliments that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It basically translates to “You don’t sound like those OTHER black people.” Which is then accompanied by a “hint hint” and “nudge nudge.” This TED talk accurately breaks down what it’s like to change or “code-switch” between English dialects and why one isn’t any better than the other.


Yooo Random character. This is Ted. He’s 20 years old and works at a neighborhood store. His parents aren’t ever around so it’s usually him that takes care of his little brother, Theo.

Ted is normally pretty quiet. during his shifts he prefers working in the back of the store, but his manager always gives him jobs in the front. He’s not a very approachable individual, but when talked to, he’s actually quite helpful and unbothered in answering. 

He wont question a job even if he doesn’t think he’s capable of doing it. Even if most of the time, he can. He always tries his best even if he’s not good at said thing.