FAKE ENGLAND [Mystery Box - Episode #013]
  • Pat:[exaggerated British accent] "One of the raptors has thrown a banana on the field! Poor show!"
  • Matt:[giggling]
  • Pat:[laughing harder]
  • Matt:[exaggerated British accent] "For us to keep fighting this war, we need several pints of butterbeer!"
  • Pat:[snickering too hard to speak]
  • Pat:I wanna go to the England that is the England that we make fun of.
  • Matt:OH GOD, our England is awesome.
  • Pat:Oh, man.
  • Matt:Regular England's probably pretty good, but our England?
  • Pat:This cartoon dumb England?
  • Matt:It's all just Harry Potter and Snatch. That's all it is!
I’d rather be a pussy and work my way up, than overestimate myself and get my butthole blown up like xbox style
—  Matt, TBFP plays Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Part 6