Dave sits down on his stool happy that he is close enough to Amy to keep studying her. Her agile fingers pluck expertly at her harps strings. As she plays her lips purse in concentration. Drawing up a perfect bow shape. Dave imagines what it would be like to kiss those lips. He knows he is getting ahead of himself. He has a bad habit of imaging whole futures with women he has never even spoken too. Yet he can’t help but imagine himself with this girl.

They play through the song. Then as a joke they play California by Tupac. It is the most fun that Dave has had in years. He is sad to see the night end. When they all begin to file out he hangs back. Waiting to get Amy alone. Hoping maybe he can interest her in a cup of tea.

“Excuse me, Amy is it?” He says tapping her shoulder as she starts to leave the room. She turns around and smiles warmly at him.

“Yes?” She asks and his heart skips a beat.

“I was wondering if, perhaps maybe, that is to say, umm if you would be interested in a spot of tea? With me? Having a cup of tea? With me?” He stammers out cursing his awkwardness certain she will say no.

“Sure, I could go for some tea,” Amy beams.

“Excellent! I know just the place,” Dave replies enthusiastically.

To be continued… 8/25/16