Britt Robertson Fangirls Over Taylor Swift & Shares Dylan O'Brien Update… Sort Of (Mr. Church)

Why on earth most of Tom’s fans hate Taylor that much? lmao

I mean I just read someone saying that she has him “trapped” with the hashtag #FreeTomHiddleston lmao. Like, if he’s that smart, well educated and genuine as you all say over and over he is… why would he be trapped with her? Why wouldn’t he be able to make the right choices for himself? Like, if he wouldn’t like/love/be in love with Taylor he could just walk away, or not dating her at all from the start, right? He’s a grown ass man and you are just bleeding. 

Seriously no matter what Kanye will try to do or say about Taylor, Taylor will always overcome it all because of the kind of person she is. Yes everyone makes mistakes even Taylor, so what if shes made a few , shes human. But the important part is when you’re nice and kind to people, and have a good heart , you will over come all the negativity, and the people that are mean, ALWAYS…