I need a love advice

Hi guys and Taylor, I really need your help with a love issue. So I have already told people my story of me trying a college for few months a really good one, high studies, and it was too hard so I quitted. But I didn’t tell you this: there was a really cute guy who I liked. He was so perfect in my opinion, when I looked at him he always reminded me Edward Cullen from Twilight, because when he entered to a room I could never take my eyes from him. When I listen to Taylor’s songs some of them reminded me of him, and I could totally imagine me and this guy who even had a perfect name going to Paris together! I wasn’t a shy girl in college, but with him I couldn’t talk, I always turned red. My friends were so surprised that I can’t speak to him, because I spoke to everyone freely even to people I wasn’t really friends with. But I really couldn’t speak to him apart from small conversations. When I quitted this school few days after, it was my 19th birthday, and my friends pushed me to text him and try to have a conversation with him so he won’t forget me. He was really cold in the conversation and even though I made it really clear that my birthday was on that day he ignored that, and also left me on read on my last message to him. I got mad and deleted his number from my phone and unfollowed him on Instagram (he had never even followed me back when I still followed him). Few days after it I met with my friends, and I annoyed one of my friend, so she said ‘You know I am gonna text the guy you like ask him if he has a thing to you’. I told her go for it because I hadn’t believe she would do it but she did it. At first I was mad at her, but when that guy didn’t even read the message I was a bit disappointed. It has been few good months since all of this happened but I can’t get over him. He seemed so perfect in my eyes and apparently he isn’t, and even though I know I will probably never see him again I still wish there was a chance to meet him. I don’t know what to do, I know I need to get over him but I don’t know how. Please someone give me an advice, I’ll appreciate it so much ❣

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Taylor loves you! Even if you met her or haven’t, Even if you have been to her concert or not, Even if she has noticed you in tumblr or even if she hasn’t, And even if you are an old Swiftie or a new one. As long you stand with her, as long you are here for her and for her music, as long as you are kind to other people, She loves you. We mean a lot to Taylor we are her longest and best relationship she has ever had don’t forget it. We are here for and she is here for us!!

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Name: Alyson

Nickname: Aly
Gender: Female
Star sign: Gemini
Height: 5'5
Sexually: Straight
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Animal: Anything furry
Average amount of sleep: Nine hours
Dogs or Cats: Slightly allergic to both, but love both.
Blanket you sleep with: All of them! I like to have a cocoon!
Dream Trip: New York to see Taylor’s apartment.
Dream Job: Late night talk show host or baker.
When I made my blog: Not too long ago.
Followers: No idea
Why I made my Tumblr: I love all of the Swifties, and how it’s like one big family on here.
Reasons for URL: “TheSwiftIsTheQueen” It’s just a fact….

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