I’m calling this the Terra Box. It is meant to appear as a simple box while the individual components and joinery are complex. 

Whereas the name Terra might seem superfluous, this title has served more as a personal driver word that helped guide the design. It signified that this was to be a low box with strong horizontal lines parallel to the ground plane.

The repeating horizontal texture on the outside was milled using a quarter inch ball nose bit directed by a line drawing on the cnc router. I chose to reveal the wavy contours of this texture by keeping the corner joints just shy of a full miter.

The proportions of the box and the interior spaces are based on the golden ratio. Each of the interior walls are pegged together with cherry dowel, as seen on the inside wall of the square compartment.

The lid on the right hand side of the box hinges on a brass pin and opens to reveal two smaller compartments. The lid is made up of small strips of maple joined together with tiny tongue and groove breadboard ends.

The box sits on a simple stand that lifts it just off the ground in order to create a shadow underneath. The structure employs an intricate corner joint that is useful where three members intersect at one point. I admire this joint and it stems from the construction of a traditional tatami bed frame. It’s also pretty darn cute on this scale.

I wanted this box to be a highly curated space for personal effects but it moreso just reminds me of the way I sketch; it packs a lot of details into a small, controlled area.