[Face Reading] SHINee members' face reading

I personally found this incredibly funny and interesting. Don’t know the full behind story about the post but apparently one of the students studying Eastern Philosophy asked her professor to face read the members of SHINee and their parings. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not. Below is the result: 

Shinee’s libido based on the face reading: Jonghyun>Jinki>Taemin>Minho


Jonghyun has a very high sexual potency competing a top spot with Donghae from Super Junior. Not sure if I can say this but, he can stay hard for a very long time. His face shows some lust and since he is very open minded, he may be into kinky stuff. 


Just one look at Jinki’s face and the professor told me that he is very well endowed and he also has a high sexual stamina. His personality may be very docile and easy going but may change when he is horny. 


Taemin’s is not big or can stay long, but his face exudes sexual lust. Just like Jinki, we won’t know how he will change if he gets horny. 


Minho’s face does not show too much lust and the professor asked me whether he is very athletic which I told him he was. The professor tsked his tongue saying he shouldn’t release his precious sexual energy on sports. 

And finally, Kibum:

The professor took the longest time looking at Kibum’s photo and said that he shouldn’t have a face like this when he is a male. He may come behind Jinki for sexual energy but he asked whether he prefers colour pink in which I told him yes. Professor smiled and said that he acts just as he looks. He said he was born to be an empress, which you can find out more below on the marital compatibility. He can naturally reign over the rest of the members. 

Marital compatibility based on the face reading:



According to the professor, JongKey takes the crown as the best couple. The main reason being that their sexual match is on a completely different level compared to other parings. He said that if Kibum were to be born a girl and met Jonghyun, they would have made the best couple. He said Jonghyun’s eyes and Kibum’s eyes go well together but I didn’t really know what he was talking about. He actually mentioned that Kibum should be around taller person than he is to stay healthy but even though Jonghyun is shorter than Kibum, he’s virility more than covers the flaw. 

Kibum has the financial fortune while Jonghyun has more luck in career. He may also get lucky should he start a business of his own. Ah, Jonghyun you shouldn’t buy stocks, if you do stocks it will not fare well for you. Anyways, if Jonghyun and Kibum were to get married or live together, Jonghyun have to work and Kibum should stay home. If Kibum is the valley Jonghyun was a creature living in that valley. I have no idea what the professor meant by that but I think he meant since Jonghyun lives by the water, Kibum is a person who can embrace him the most. He also mentioned that even though Kibum may be younger, he is more mature than Jonghyun. 


If JongKey takes the crown overall, OnKey takes the crown when it comes to marriage specifically. For marriage, Jinki trumps Jonghyun. Jinki’s eyes say that he is very choosy when it comes to choosing his partner and has a strong desire for honour. Therefore, to be Jinki’s partner you must be a person of great value. 

To get back to the metaphor he used, if Kibum was the valley with a waterfall, Jinki is the rock. Since water fall slowly but surely changes the rock but never leaves the valley, unless there’s a natural disaster Jinki will never leave Kibum. They would be a couple for a very long time. What I meant by change is not that the rock will be carved away by the water but sculpted into something more valuable. 

Since Jinki has natural born fortune in honour and Kibum in finance, if they were to strive to become reach, they certainly will. If Jinki were to become a politician and Minho acts as his secretary while Kibum supports him, his fortune and desire for honour such that he could even become the president of Korea. 

The professor mentioned that Jinki could be more than just a singer. He is very cheeky and gentle either in bed or in society. If Kibum were a female and they had children together, even their children would grow up to be a highly regarded person apparently. 


If JongKey was the confetti and OnKey was the marriage, TaeKey is a sweet romance. Taemin may look soft and gentle on the outside, but he is very strong willed and masculine. Kibum plays a role of woman both inside and outside so if they were to be together everything they do will be very romantic, but they won’t get married. If Kibum was a chocolate, Taemin is like candy. 

When they get together its very sweet, so much so that the very air around them will turn sickly sweet. It won’t be a passionate, violent romance but it will last very long. But just as you get sick of eating chocolates and candies if your eat it for a long time, they won’t get married. 

Since both of them are sweet, if not as a couple but even as a friend, they would have made very good friends. If they were together for a long time and break up, they would never get back together. 

He already mentioned that Taemin’s face shows lots of lust, especially for sexual activity, if a person has a very high libido, it means that person also has a very strong appetite and a strong ambition. Therefore, when it comes to love, Taemin will be very cool when breaking up with his loved ones. He also said Kibum will be very cool when it comes to break-ups. In other words, Taemin and Kibum will be very sweet to each other when they are together but when they break up they won’t have any reserve of feelings for each other. 


According to the professor Minho really cares for others and has many secrets. Just like one of the ancient king of Joseon, SungJong, he would be the type of a person who would love only one person even if that person is not his wife. 

Minho may lack in the libido department but he is the most romantic and sensitive out of Shinee members. 

If Kibum again were the valley with a waterfall, Minho is like a weeping willow or rather Kibum would be more like a river or a lake in case with MinKey. 

If a lake has a weeping willow next to it, it looks more scenic right? MinKey is just the same. Visually this couple is the most attractive, enough to light up the whole lecture room according to the professor. 

I already mentioned that Kibum would fare better if he were together with someone who is taller than him, so being with Minho makes him safer and healthier. 

A striking difference between TaeKey and MinKey is that Minho would cling on to Kibum even if they break up. The fact that his metaphor is a weeping willow tell us that he is more sentimental. 

Minho would cry and be sick over a break up for a long time and he is a type of a person who will easily get lonely so he will do his best to make everyone around him like him and befriend them. 

This may explain his weirdly tight relationship with his Super Junior hyungs. 

Anyways, for MinKey, Minho will cling on to Kibum more. 

Overall paring match according to the professor:

JongKey > OnKey > TaeKey > MinKey