• <p> <b>Yona:</b> Hello.<p/><b>JaeHa:</b> THE QUEEN HAS SPOKEN!<p/><b>TaeJun:</b> OMG I'M GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE!<p/><b>Hak:</b> MY LIFE IS WONDERFUL!<p/><b>SooWon:</b> MY DAY OF STRESS HAS BEEN RELIEVED!<p/><b>Lili:</b> I HAVE BEEN BLESSED!<p/><b>Kija:</b> Guys. . . she only said "hello". What's the big deal?<p/><b>Yona:</b> Thank you, Kija!<p/><b>Kija:</b> OMG THE GODDESS THANKED ME! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?<p/></p>

shigacajun  asked:

I'm so with you on the ride or die for akayona, even Taejun!

I rarely check my inbox but YES! Taejun kills me, man. I genuinely think he’s one of the best characters Kusanagi’s created. All her characters are amazing but he’s like an Akayona’s “Keidai.” 😂😂😂


Taejun scaring the shit out of Stitch on the Ferris Wheel and his reaction is so qt like?