My blog turns one today!!!?? I can’t believe it’s already been a year, it feels like just yesterday I just signed up for tumblr! This has been such an amazing year, thank you for all my lovely followers and friends on here, you’ve made my most difficult year (senior year of highschool) survivable and so I wanted to do a TA to celebrate the big day and thank you all!!! (=⌒▽⌒=)

♛ rules: ♛

    ♦ must be following the birthday blog
    ♦ rebloggity
    ♦ maybe check out my graphics and my marvel sideblog ? <3
    ♦ 1 winner and 2-3 runners-up per category, depending on notes
    ♦ reblog until August 5th (though I might extend it)

♛ awards: ♛

    ☀ BARRY ALLEN AWARD for best URL
    ☀ PETER PARKER AWARD for best icon
    ☀ ALLISON ARGENT AWARD for best theme
    ☀ TONY STARK AWARD for best original creations *
    ☀ HERMIONE GRANGER AWARD for best multifandom
    ☀ ANAKIN SKYWALKER AWARD for best Star Wars
    ☀ WANDA MAXIMOFF AWARD for best Marvel
    best “insert fandom here” (depends on who enters/notes)
    ☀ WILL GORSKI AWARD for best posts
    ☀ ABBY GRIFFIN AWARD for nicest blogger
    ☀ OLIVER HAMPTON AWARD for best rising star **
    ☀ HARVEY SPECTER AWARD for best overall
    ☀ CAITLIN SNOW AWARD for personal favourite

* submit me a link to your creations
** must have < 500 followers, submit me a screenshot of your follower count if you want to be considered for this award!

prizes are under the cut!  (◠‿◠✿)

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-Long Post - Sinu yung mga bloggers na nagagalingan ka mag blog?

@buhaybabae @callmegreys @dakilanggerlpren @dakilangboyyfriend @mxrkmywords @torpengromantikoo @idontdeservetobeyourromeo @babaengloyal @babaengporebernasawi @simermersisnorlax @julietwithoutaromeo21 @lovelettersfromthedead @medyo-gaga @simermersisnorlax @nawawalanngurl @bloggers-secretfiles @ohdearfeelingx @palimosngpagmamahal @mrsxso @a-rain-nako @thequietkiddo @xbigotilyaa @thebonifacio @misteryosangbabae @a-restless-wind @angelasiopao @mapangarap @juansendizon @alingjuannah @yannaxdub @herlovelymusings @heykuyajeuz @notyourplanb @notyourordinaryanon @lightaftersunset @kid-nxt-door @mylostletterstoyou @kayeelangankita @maspogipakesasayo @pleasesmilewheneveryoureadthis

(Madami pa Anon, di ko lang mamention lahat. :* )

Theme - Top 5 blogs na nagagandahan ka.

@cjisinlove @pattyfied @dakilanggerlpren @kinikimkeem @hisqueeenbae (magaling din silang magblog)

Backread - Kaninong blog ka madalas tumambay?

Tbh, sa dash lang ako nakatambay. :)

The Depressing Story of King Tut

Devin, you rant a lot about things that no one cares about, you say. And while you may be rude, you’re also right! But what is the one thing that I like more than bitching about my incredibly ordinary life?


So strap in, because we’re going to learn some things. Join me on a journey back to the days of ancient Egypt where the awkward preteen boy king reigned. That’s right, this is a callout post for King Tutankhamun; affectionately and lazily referred to as King Tut by white people who don’t know how to pronounce anything in any language, ever.

So King Tut, the boy king, that wee little rascal, took the throne from his super crazy deadbeat dad at the age of 9 and died when he was 19 years old. The Egyptians then did what Egyptians do and mummified him and stuck him in a tomb that was totally cursed and filled with riches. Rad, right? Well, the world moved on and people forgot about King Tut until some English archaeologist (and I use this term very loosely because archaeology during this time period was more about drunkenly blowing stuff up than preserving priceless artifacts) by the name of Howard Carter discovered the sarcophagus of old Tuts in 1922. Carter, needless to say, was fucking stoked.

Scientists examined Tut’s body and decided that he had died from a severe case of hit in the god damn head-itis due to the very obvious damage to the mummy’s skull. They then patted themselves pompously on the back for their astounding detective work and the Western world marveled at the body of a dead boy on display. (And apparently no one was like, hey guys this kind of a messed up hobby?) Years later, however, due to advances in modern science and DNA testing and maybe a little witchcraft, who’s to say really, it was revealed that the boy king had broken his leg and contracted an infection very near to his death. He also had malaria which could have contributed to the perfect storm of “you’re fucked” that killed the guy.

His sarcophagus might say royalty, but those eyes say, “HELP ME.”

But let’s be real, King Tut was doomed from the start. His father got it on with his own sister because, like so many weirdos in the past, they wanted to keep the royal bloodline “pure”. How could they have possibly known that diddling their siblings could have such catastrophic results? (trick question, the answer is OF COURSE IT HAD CATASTROPHIC RESULTS). So little baby boy Tut, whose father was also his uncle and whose mother was also his aunt, was born with a cleft palate and a club foot. It’s also speculated that he had a degenerative bone disease that attacked his foot and made his limp more pronounced which caused him to use his scepters as actual walking sticks, instead of the more common use of looking rad as hell; which is evidenced in the uneven wear at the bottom of said scepters.

So anyway in his tomb, we have King Tut, all of his organs and riches, and his super extensive collection of walking stick/scepters that probably didn’t fool anyone, but then we ALSO have the bodies of two mummified babies. Now, I’m sure in 1922 Howard Carter took in the tiny bodies and shrugged before eloquently making a noise that means, “hell if I know” and getting rip roaring drunk to celebrate his discovery. Because who wouldn’t put it past ancient Egyptians to just leave dead baby bodies lying in random tombs, right? Maybe they were cursed mummy babies, which I assume was a thing if the 1999 blockbuster “The Mummy” starring Brendan Fraser is, in fact, historically accurate.

Those mummies didn’t stand a chance against that jawline. They probably swooned to death, amirite?

But it turns out that when Tut took the throne, he followed in his dear old dad’s footsteps and married his own half sister who gave birth to two of his beautiful dead children because INBREEDING PEOPLE. So King Tut and his 16 and Pregnant sister wife had tried to produce an heir, but both of their daughters were stillborn, which left Egypt in quite a bind once Tut had kicked the bucket.

So King Tutankhamun, worshiper of the old gods and boy king, led a very short and somewhat tragic life that people couldn’t seem to NOT be obsessed with. Sort of like when you pass by a car wreck and you can’t help but crane your neck to look… only with more incest.

happy july everyone! in honor of me almost reaching 10k i’ve decided to put together some tumblr awards for the fun of it!

it’s all very simple, please be following this nerd (also check out my game of thrones blog and aesthetic blog) and reblog this post! feel free to reblog more than once (although it won’t necessarily increase your chances). there will be one winner and probably 2 runners-up for each category. i’ll be picking the winners by July 22nd so you’ve got until then! 

  • richard madden award: best url
  • luna lovegood award: best theme
  • neville longbottom award: best mobile theme
  • oscar isaac award: best icon
  • ginny weasley award: best posts
  • hermione granger award: best creation - writing *
  • sansa stark award: best creation - art/edits *
  • fred and george award: best humor (posts or comments)
  • ron weasley award: best multifandom
  • harry potter award: best harry potter
  • brienne of tarth award: best game of thrones
  • rey award: best star wars
  • arya stark award: best overall
  • sirius black award: personal favorite
  • finn award: best newcomer (500 or less followers) **

* please send me the tag with your creations!
** send me a screenshot with your follower count!

p r i z e s

  •  +f from yours truly (if i’m not already following)
  • winners get 5 promo requests, runners-up get 3
  • either 3 moodboard requests each or a ficlet
  • a spot in my updates tab
  • my love and gratitude
  • being part of this pretty cool squad of awesome people

send in questions anytime, and thanks so much for being so amazing!

Mel aka @righteuos​ is coming over to visit me in Spain this summer she is really excited to come over and we’re gonna have a blast uhuh. We are gonna be picking the winners together, like irl together I mean how cool is that!!


  • must be following the icecream wifes aka Mel and Itzi
  • reblog this post (likes only for bookmarking)
  • one winner and two runners up (but one runner up for best rising blogger category)
  • ends July 30th


  • best url
  • best theme
  • best mobile theme
  • best creations (edits, graphics, gifs) *
  • best writing **
  • best rising blogger ***
  • Mel’s personal fave ****
  • Itzi’s personal fave ****
  • best overall

* submit the link to your creations content to Itzi  here
** submit the link to your writings content to Mel here
*** less than 1k, submit the screenshot of your follower count here or here
**** one winner only for this category



  • a follow from both of us, if not already
  • a spot on both of our blogs for the month
  • a screenshot promo and 2 regular promos from each of us upon request
  • a graphic from Itzi upon request
  • a 1k ficlet from Mel upon request 
  • our undying love and friendship♡

runners up:

  • a follow from us both if not already
  • 2 regual promos from each of us upon request
  • an edit or set of 6 icons from either of us upon request
  • our undying love and friendship♡

Good luck, if you have any questions hit up Mel or me!


Listen, I want you to remember the way you feel today doesn’t have to be temporary. If you trust yourself. If you listen to your intuition. If you don’t waste your time catering to somebody else’s belief systems, if they don’t serve you. Don’t waste your energy living in fear of somebody else’s judgement. And don’t waste your time explaining yourself to people who are not equipped to understand.

hola! it’s murphyemori (prev. arkprisoner) here, back at it again with another tumblr awards because i love you folks and my blog is about to turn 1 year old! 


  • mbf octavia blake’s sword sharpener
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • enter until july 22nd
  • this post has to reach 80 notes (or i’ll just throw myself into a shark tank)
  • there will be 1 winner and 1-3 runner ups in each category, depending on the notes


  • john murphy award - best url
  • raven reyes award - best icon
  • scott mccall award - best updates tab
  • wynonna earp award - best mobile theme
  • lincoln award - best theme
  • commander lexa award - best posts
  • jace lightwood award - best original content *
  • maya hart award - nicest blogger
  • emori award - rising star **
  • bucky barnes award - best multifandom
  • clarke griffin award - best the 100
  • laurel lance award - personal favourite
  • octavia blake award - best overall

* include the link to your creations in the tags when you reblog
** submit me a screenshot of your follower count, must be below 500.


  • a follow from me (from either this blog or my multi @alecjace​)
  • 4 promos upon request (2 for runner ups) from your blog of choice
  • 6 icons upon request (4 for runner ups)
  • 2 gifset requests (1 for runner ups)
  • my eternal love and friendship <33

side note: applicants can win more than one award, and if so, they do win double the prizes :)