Say Yes || Nemi

Nick was so nervous. He stood in his hotel room in Boston while Demi took a shower. She still believed they were going to some sort of gala where he’d have to perform. Little does she know that there was no gala to attend and she’d get all dressed up nicely for a romantic dinner night with Nick. He’s planed this for a while now and the more time passed, the more he felt like he was going to faint due to how nervous he was. Nick has probably checked if he’s got the ring in the pocket inside of his jacket a hundret times in the past ten minutes. A little smile appeared on his lips as he thought about tonight. The singer took the proposal very serious and besides Eddie’s permission, he also asked Madison.

“Maddie, can I ask you something?”, Nick said and ran his hand through his hair nervously. The 13-year-old looked up from her phone and raised an eyebrow, something she definitely picked up from Demi and it made him chuckle a little. “So, uhm…you know I really love your sister. And I’d do everything to make her happy and treat her correctly and I can’t imagine a life without her, so…” Madison smiled and interrupted him quickly. “You want to ask her to marry you and you want my permission. I’m not stupid, Nick. And I’m glad I don’t have to wait for that any longer. Yes, you have my permission.” Nick smiled brightly and quickly wrapped his arms around Maddie, thanking her. The memory of that day still made his heart skip a beat and the only thing that made him snap back to reality was the bathroom door that was opened again.