Here is the rough sketch for Moran/Mc from GMS!  It turned out so well I couldn’t wait until it was finished to post a little of it.

In stead of making MC wear a cat costume, I went with a few actual cats- Also, (at least to me) I feel like MC would be the ‘aggressor’ in their awkward relationship….

I gave her some booz too- you gotta be at least a little out of it to lay it on someone while being watched by so many f*cking cats….

Let me know what you think before I start on line art!!! XD

Red Motives- Moriarty.  My first fan art for GMS, I tried to stick with the style of the game! Hope other fans like it! :D Am planning on doing some more, this was just a …test run type deal, to see if I could mimic the drawing style- CANT WAIT FOR MYCROFTS RELEASE BTW!!!

BTW I’m having trouble choosing the characters for the next GMS drawing. Heres what im choosing between (feel free to give any impute on what would be better!) -John dressed as red riding hoods grandmother. XD -Mycroft and MC -Jack and MC

Two of my favorite characters from the Otome Game: SWD Wizardess Heart… At first I was like “Klaus and Elias can’t be mistaken as twins, they are completely different”. But then I decided to make a zoom on his face when I was drawing the Emperor and I was like “OMG they really look alike!” And well I made some improvement on this drawing of my cute cotton candy head… I think… Oh and I couldn’t forget about Taffy :3