“Fault” is the episode of SVU that you watch when you want to feel SO STRONGLY that Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson are in love with each other that every other story arc in the entire series just seems pointless. Up until that point, it’s just casual shipping an obvious sexual tension. But “Fault” elevates it to another plane entirely. When you realize that they wouldn’t just die for each other but that they would let OTHER PEOPLE DIE to protect each other, there’s no going back. When you realize that they love each other so much that it almost because impossible for them to do their jobs, THERE IS NO GOING BACK.

Oh anything’s possible at this point… you know. I don’t know… I mean I know I’m touring for the next year but other than that all questions are like unanswered for me. I don’t know but I’m open to lots of things.
—  Taylor Swift on if she’d ever cameo on Law and Order SVU (x)
  • someone:are you okay?
  • me:I'm fine.
  • what I really mean:How come when Olivia is kidnapped by a serial rapist, Stabler is still nowhere to be found? that's so unrealistic they were partners for so long and you know he would be at the fucking precinct before he even got off the phone with any of them. HE WOULD'VE FOUND HER AND WOULD'VE BEAT LEWIS TO DEATH BEFORE HE COULD EVEN UTTER A WORD. When JJ gets kidnapped Emily Prentiss has her ass on a plane immediately. At least Criminal Minds is realistic about it. Stabler should've been there. HE SHOULD'VE BEEN THERE.