Superpower Idea

Power over karma.

Could go two ways:
1. Can give people bad or good karma at will
2. Can have people’s karma fulfilled (ex. That one jerk 16 year old who steals your parking space with a Ferrari bought by their parents? Apply your power, wait a day, and guess whose Ferrari won’t start?)

But either way, you don’t know exactly how the karma is going to translate into real life. For example, in the case of way #1, perhaps you a give a friend good karma in the hopes that they nail a job interview. Instead, their dog mysteriously recovers from an illness.

With way #2, perhaps you see someone attempt to steal another’s purse, so you fulfill their karma, figuring it will be bad. Well it turns out that said thief was stealing the purse to save the owner from say, an explosive device inside, and so they get good karma.

the women of these marvel netflix shows are really winning my vote

Karen Page is probably my number one babe, and I was a little disappointed about the lack of Karen Page in  The Defenders BUUUUT I understand why. Honestly though, in both Daredevil seasons, it was K.Page figuring all the important shit out, and with no prior experience in investigation or law. She literally just did her thing in an office, and used her intellect to score her one of the best reporting jobs in the city. Let’s not get started on Colleen coming to save the day, or how Claire is just saving everyone’s life. Even Misty, doing her best to protect her city regardless of what her job demands of her. Trish? Trish???? The A+ best friend who is always there for Jessica regardless of her temper or moods. Like honestly the women supporting roles in Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and The Defenders are the real superheroes. Fuck I just love them so much.