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Donghae: Jealous Puppy (requested by anon)
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When Donghae saw how you stroked its furry little ears and nuzzled your nose against its neck, he knew that puppy would be a pain. You signed the adoption papers, grasped its little pink leash, though you didn’t use it because you carried it out of the shelter, and wouldn’t put the thing down until you got him home. Donghae drove you home, barely getting you to say a word to him as you chattered to the little puppy, blubbering at it as if it were your first born child.

Donghae was losing his position in your heart to a little brown fluff ball.

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It’s been a long time coming, but eunhaehyukjae, this is for you. Hope it’s what you wanted!

Warning: smut
“No peeking,” you say as you undress, standing behind Eunhyuk as he kneels on the bed. He had been on top of you as you both got intimate and was about to remove your clothes, but shyness got the better of you and you insisted on undressing yourself without him looking. It was your first time with Eunhyuk and you hadn’t been dating long, so you didn’t want to put him off with your body.
“I won’t,” Eunhyuk replies. Not even a second later, he turns his head and slyly looks over his shoulder. You look up from pulling down your jeans and he quickly turns his head back.
“I saw that.”
Eunhyuk chuckles. You take off your underwear and cast them aside with your other clothes.
“Okay,” you say with a swallow, “you can look now.”
Eunhyuk turns and you try not to blush as his eyes roam every inch of your naked body. The fact he hasn’t said anything worries you.
“Say something.”
“You’re beautiful. Just so beautiful,” he says, “and perfect,” he adds breathlessly. You don’t try to conceal your shy smile and climb back on the bed with him, back to where you were; under Eunhyuk against the pillows. Eunhyuk smiles down at you, caressing your cheek with his fingers before leaning down and pressing his lips to yours, resuming your passionate kiss. The feeling of his tongue against yours makes you light-headed and makes you skin prickle with desire, it rising in goosebumps. His body is warm under your palms as you run your hands down his muscular back, his skin smooth and supple. He kisses your neck as his fingers trickle down your body, his fingertips teasing your nipple before trailing lower, dancing across your stomach. You shiver under his touch, the quakes intensifying when his fingers rub gently against your clit. You press your head into the pillow and tilt your neck back, revelling in the sensations seeping their way through your entire body.
“You like that?” Eunhyuk murmurs in your ear, his voice thick with lust.
You feel a puff of hot air against your skin as Eunhyuk chuckles quietly against your neck. He takes your hand and places it on his belt. Your fingers quiver with trepidation; while Eunhyuk had gotten his far before, you hadn’t. You hadn’t liked anyone enough to take your relationship to a physical level, but Eunhyuk had come along to change that, whisking you off your feet with his talents, charm and gummy smile.
With shaking fingers, you prise warm leather from metal and unbutton his jeans, feeling the soft trail of hair under his bellybutton against your knuckles before sliding your fingertips across the waistband of his boxers, making him shiver. He dips a finger into you as your hand works its way into his underwear, wrapping itself around his erection, the soft skin hot in your hand. Eunhyuk inhales sharply through his nose and breathes your name before adding another finger, making your back arch a little, it arching even more when he rubs your clit with his thumb.
The sensations fade when Eunhyuk takes his hand away and removes his jeans and boxers, sitting back on his ankles as he puts on a condom. You can’t help trembling a little, half with nerves and half with excitement. Eunhyuk places a calming hand on your hip.
“Are you ready?”
You nod, words not seeming to come out of your mouth at this moment. With a reassuring smile, Eunhyuk settles into position and slowly enters you. The stretch makes you gasp and grab onto his shoulder. He takes your hand and kisses your palm numerous times to soothe you, continuing to penetrate you until he is fully sheathed inside you before pausing, letting you adjust. You have never felt so full. Your head spins and your mouth is dry.
“Just tell me if I’m hurting you and I’ll stop, okay?”
Eunhyuk withdraws and smoothly moves his hips forward again, filling you all over again. You swallow. He does it again and again and again, setting up a smooth, even and slow pace, all the while keeping a watchful eye on you, watching for any signs of discomfort. You chew on your kiss-swollen bottom lip but as the pleasure mounts, you let go of your lip, close your eyes and tilt your head back, soft moans falling out of your mouth. Eunhyuk speeds up, his breathing quickening and small groans as his hands roam your body, rolling your nipples between his fingers, adding extra stimulation. You arch into the touch and he swallows your moan with a kiss, fucking you harder and faster. You wrap your legs around his slender body, sending him in deeper, using your legs to buck your hips up, meeting him thrust for thrust. He moans against your skin as he attacks your neck again, reddening the hickey already on your skin.
“Oh God, Eunhyuk, yes,” you hush, digging your fingernails into his shoulder blades, leaving half-moon indents in his skin. He moans as he ruts into your heat even faster, the sound of skin on skin resonating in your head, along with the sound of the headboard thumping against the wall. Eunhyuk braces his hand on the headboard as his other hand clutches your hip while your fingers tangle themselves in his soft hair, tugging it, pulling him for another kiss. He obliges willingly, kissing you passionately before resting his forehead on yours as his hand on your hip moves to your clit, rubbing it again with his thumb. The sensations rocking your body make you moan, your hands skimming down the length of Eunhyuk’s back, feeling the muscles tense. His body quivers slightly as he holds back his release, wanting to you to peak first. He doesn’t have to wait long; he hits that spot inside you that makes your toes curl and your cry out. He abuses that spot with every thrust of his sinfully talented hips, making you jerk as your stomach starts to fizz and your head starts to swim, your breathing short and heavy, the moans falling freely from your mouth.
“Eunhyuk, I-I think I’m going to…”
“Let go, baby. I’ve got you.”
Just as he utters those words, your stomach drops and your heart feels like it’s exploded. You fist the bedsheets with one hand while you grip Eunhyuk’s bicep with your other hand, your skin prickling as writhe under him, the back of your head firmly pressed into the pillow, your back arches, your hips bucking desperately.
“Eunhyuk! Eunhyuk, right there! Oh God! Oh god, yes!”
He continues to flick his thumb over your clit, prolonging your orgasm, making your inner walls clamp and spasm around him, bringing him to his own state of Nirvana. His thrusts stutter and stall as he cums, slamming into you wildly, his body trembling and your name rolling off his plump lips, his neck strained and his shoulders locked, the veins in his arm popping out as he grips with headboard hard. He comes down from his high with a shaky breath, letting go off the headboard but staying in between your legs, running a hand through his tousled hair, his lips curled into a small, dazed smile.
“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Worry suddenly clouds his face.
“No, no. It was perfect.”
The smile returns to his face and he presses a kiss to your lips.
“You’re perfect.”